7 Ways to look younger after 35

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Fashion has a crucial role to make us feel comfortable. Through it, we can express our feelings and we can greatly improve our image. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to give you the keys to look more youthful thanks to the clothing.

7 Ways to look younger after 35

1 – Pencil-type skirts and dresses

This type of skirts and dresses are one of the best options to stylize the figure. Visually lengthen the legs and hide imperfections. It is ideal to choose skirts with a high waistline and knee-length.

2 – Pants

When it comes to pants, we recommend the models that are monochrome simple cut, they are more elegant than the prints and will make you look younger and more stylish. In addition, if you add a belt and a nice purse, the look is a 10.

3 – Different combinations

Trying different combinations can be a great success, but remember not to mix more than three colors in the same look. You’ll look much more youthful and attractive.

4 – Pastel colors

The pastel colors like sky blue make us look instantly younger, however, the yellow can be aging. The most suitable are the tones of beige, ivory, brown, white, and gray.

5 – Comfortable high heels

It is normal that with the passage of time you choose to wear more comfortable footwear and let go of the heels. However, you should know that there are heels that are very comfortable and also enhance your silhouette. In addition, you can get these in pastel colors.

6 – Details with style

Although it is best to opt for simple lines and plain colors, take a risk with add-ons, provided that they work well, is a good idea. For example, a large collar when you wear a plunging neckline or a hat during the day will be great.

7 – Clothing that you should avoid

In addition to all of these keys to looking younger, you should know that there are certain clothes that don’t sit well, such as, for example:

  • Short skirts: only suitable for young people.
  • T-shirts with prints adolescents. The prints, very eye-catching with phrases and drawings only will make it seem that you have a Peter Pan complex.
  • Clothes that are too loose. Although it is true that the tight clothing is not recommended, the garments that are too baggy will not enhance your figure and make you look older.

Will you put these tips into practice? Let us know in the comments!

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