Model Nadinne Bruna, Eye surgery nightmare

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Almost blind to change her eye color

The model wanted to change the brown color of her eyes for a light grey, through a procedure in which silicone implants are placed inside the eye. This technique is illegal in the United States, but she traveled to Bogota (Colombia) to get it.

Shortly after the operation, she began to feel chronic inflammation and itching. “The swelling got worse, a month later I started to get chronic photophobia, and when I called the Doctor terrified because I had no health insurance in the USA, He told me that I could not remove my implants at that moment.” She explained.

“I had to wait six to seven months to consider that option. And when I went to Colombia in deplorable conditions, he decided to fix them again because if I removed them I would need a transplant, but I could not do so because I was not Colombian. And it was even worse!”, said Bruna.

She soon realized that she had lost quite a lot of her vision: “Today I have chronic and irreversible eye damage, I’ve already gone through eight surgeries and I am in rehab in a clinic for the blind three times a week where I am taught to live this new life.”

In the future, Nadinne Bruna, who now suffers from cataracts, will need a cornea transplant. Surprisingly, she has lost 80% of vision in the right eye and 50% in the left.

What do you think of the story of this young woman? Would you risk so much for in an operation for aesthetic? Let us know in the comments!

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