The new face shaving trend among women to look younger

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Each day there is a new fashion trend in the society, some remain and others are forgotten as quickly as they came. The last of them we do not know how long, but wants to revolutionize the beauty and feminine aesthetic as it is that women shave as men do.

The new craze among women to shave

It has been extended under the idea that it is good for our skin, or so experts say. However, the only trace scientist who refers to this habit is of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, which defends that it has benefits against wrinkles and acne marks.

Afeitarse la cara como los hombres, la nueva moda que usan las mujeres para parecer más jóvenes
Channon Rose/YouTube

However, here come the cons of this technique. It has become famous thanks to Kate Somerville, a famous dermatologist, who ensures that we must do so, but with a blade that is special that she herself promotes.

Afeitarse la cara como los hombres, la nueva moda que usan las mujeres para parecer más jóvenes
Michelle Money/YouTube

This has caused many to distrust, and call it surreptitious advertising. She states that it is safe and that there is a special technique involved and it should be done a few times a week to be perfect.

Influencers and dermatologists who are following this trend and ensure that the hair does not grow back thicker as believed and that the Japanese have for centuries carried out this practice.

We’ll have to wait to see if this trend triumphs among women or whether it will be a passing fad. What is certain is that not all women are very much convinced to change their habits by this idea that is not yet proven to be good.

What do you think of this new beauty trend? Would you be willing to shave your face as men do?

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