Valeria Lukyanova a Human Barbie Doll

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Valeria Lukyanova, a woman of 31 years, has surprised everyone with her incredible resemblance to Barbie, the popular doll that many girls have played with throughout their childhood. But this is not something casual.

Valeria had a large collection of barbie dolls, she loved to dress-up and was obsessed with the appearance of the doll, with its plastic characteristics and it’s symmetrical dimensions. This obsession would not go unnoticed and would even become dangerous.

The young woman knew that in life she had to work hard to get what she wanted, so at age 16 years she moved to Ukraine to pursue a career in architecture. In 2016, with the war, she had to move to Moscow, the city where she would make decisions that would change her life radically.

She was young, very pretty and won several beauty contests. However, she was still obsessed. She was not happy with her appearance and wanted to become a Barbie for real.

Valeria, the human Barbie

The first thing she did was a breast augmentation but later changes in her physique began to emerge that indicated that she had conducted a rhinoplasty, liposuction, brow lift, modification of the jaw and some other retouching. However, Valeria denies these procedures.

With these changes, Valeria began to appear in the media, doing photo shoots and interviews. Everyone wanted to know things about her life.

She published some photos that raised the suspicions of her followers as her waist looked very small and it seemed that she had operated to remove her floating ribs. However, Valeria was still in denial and reaffirmed that she had not undergone any surgical procedure to resemble Barbie.

Her explanation of this great change is that she keeps a very strict diet and does a lot of exercises. She eats a vegetarian diet of raw foods and liquid, eating only a few hours after exercise. She also said that she tried to live as a “breatharian”, taking a diet of sun and air, but this did not go well.


A spiritual guru

Valeria is centered both in mind and body and therefore works as a spiritual guru. This spirituality she says, started when she was small since she was aware of that she was different from others, thanks to the visions and meditation. In 2013, she said that he had been sent from Venus to teach new things to the humans. Amatue is her spiritual name and alien.

She decided to seek the help of a psychiatrist to question her own sanity. However, the psychiatrist, rather than providing the help she really needed, she said she had special skills and was a seer.

She is thought to have an open relationship with Dmitry Shkrabov, who she says worships her, as much with makeup as without, and is always at her side. Valeria has admitted that she is considered a “vampire energy” because she gets so much attention, both bad and good.


Recently she has admitted that she has improved her body surgically, although she has not wished to enter into details. Valeria believes that perfection has no limitations and will do anything to achieve it. She has even changed her birth date to 1991 to seem more youthful.

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