Scientists say that we should eat boogers for the sake of our health

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We all have habits, some respectable and others not so much. For some people, it’s nail-biting or chewing on the tips of the hair, while others prefer nose picking and eating the boogers. Do you know anyone that does it or has done it?

Although virtually all of us who are alive at some time or another we have inspected our nose is not exactly something of which we are proud. Well, now doctors say that we should not feel shy about picking our nose… even if it is that we do something more…

Un experto en bioquímica afirma que deberíamos comernos los mocos por el bien de la salud

There is no denying that nose picking is a habit that is very dirty. It is not exactly something that you would like to be seen doing in public. However, a doctor thinks that it is okay to do it… even eating the boogers that you find!

Dr. Scott Napper believes that if you’re going to pick your nose you should always eat the mucus that you find there. This is because the mucus in your nose acts as a filter, trapping bacteria.

When you eat the boogers, actually you’re giving your gut a useful medication. Napper believes that it is the only way to do it, while other doctors insist that we swallow sufficient mucus in a natural manner anyway.

Un experto en bioquímica afirma que deberíamos comernos los mocos por el bien de la salud

Although it may seem like a joke, it is true and nobody has denied it. So go ahead keep picking your nose and enjoy the tasty treats you find there, its doctor’s orders!

What do you think about this study? Can that snot really be good for our body? We can never know what lies ahead in science and its discoveries. We hope to hear more news about this study.

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