The 10 Urine colors and the meaning of each one of them in your health

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Just like sex, flatulence or stool, today, urine is still a taboo subject in conversations. This results, many times in us not know how to identify if our bladder is functioning the right way. Many people do not know that urine can be different colors and, depending on the color that you have, helps us to identify if we suffer some kind of serious illness.

Los 10 Colores que puede tener la orina y el significado de cada una de ellas en nuestra salud
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What colors can your urine be?

A team of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio conducted research in which they could clearly see what colors urine could be, and what each color meant. The colors ranged from transparent to very dark brown, passing through translucent yellow, green or orange.

Los 10 Colores que puede tener la orina y el significado de cada una de ellas en nuestra salud
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What is the meaning of each color?

  • Transparent: means that you drink too much water.
  • Pale yellow: is a normal urine and it shows that you are well hydrated.
  • Yellow transparent: it is a normal urine, common.
  • Dark yellow: is a normal urine, but you need to drink more water.
  • Amber or honey: you should drink more water than you drink.
  • Cherry: it can be a symptom of liver disease or severe dehydration.
  • Pink: it may be simply because you have eaten beets or blueberries. If this is not the case, you may have blood in the urine, something that should not be overlooked. It is one of the symptoms of kidney diseases, tumors, infections, and even mercury poisoning. Go to the doctor.
  • Orange: you’re dehydrated or you suffer any type of liver disease.
  • Blue or green: may be due to a rare genetic condition called hypercalcemia, the intake of certain foods or the effect of some drugs. Do not be alarmed, you can consult with the doctor, but is probably not worrisome.
  • Purple: it is extremely rare, check with your doctor immediately.

In addition, if the urine comes with foam occasionally, you should not worry about this, but if it happens very often, you should visit your doctor, it may be a symptom of a renal disease.

Los 10 Colores que puede tener la orina y el significado de cada una de ellas en nuestra salud
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What color is your urine? Let us know in the comments!

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