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We are about to teach you exactly the way to becoming famous on social media, I do know there’ll be plenty of individuals saying “why would you want to become famous online?” and therefore the real reason that you´d want to become famous online is because there is a Huge Potential that you´ll earn a lot of cash, have the perfect level of fame, get attention and be able to get in to countries and places that you simply never would have been able to go before.

So are you ready to learn the secrets to become famous online? Let´s Get Started!


Pick your platform (s)

Before you become known online you´ve got to choose on which platform or platforms you would like to start reaching your Public.

If you already have started on platforms you might just as well read how we have categorized the Current largest Social Media platforms for you to have a better perspective. We consider that you should know, that we know where you may come from as well. You might have spent many hours, efforts putting some great contents together and you got depressed by the Deception of not getting as many Viewers, followers you were expecting. And investing in ads is just not affordable at this current moments for you.

Latest Article Update 09/12/2017

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Facebook: Random news from individuals to celebrities. Very broad, large and not easy to get Detected as a Starter aiming for Fame, Unless you are on a Top Level field which allows you to go Viral.

Twitter: Most of the text news and link shares, also very difficult to get Detected as a Starter.

Tumblr: Broad Niche mini websites, that can go about almost everything. Not Specialized in Individuals which are having enough in the house to become famous around the globe.

MySpace: Focusses mostly on Celebrities that have already made it or the ones which have great producers on their backend with great amounts of money to invest in their promotion.

Youtube: You can find here all around niches, there are so many things on youtube for your public to Watch which makes it also difficult for you as an individual person to get easily detected and to get the ball start rolling. Many have tried successful methods in the past in order to succeed, which involves Buying Views, Subscribers and likes to get started. Youtube has become very picky about these methods being used before and is still making huge Advances against this kind of activities. Other than that you can also pay to be seen. Where you might need to decide if you are going to save some good money before in order to invest in your progress on Youtube.

Dailymotion: Not as popular to be categorized yet as a Huge potential to become Famous worldwide. Still, we love Dailymotion and we will get soon more on this part.

Instagram: Basic Image, Video sharing which allows you to see that personal profile. How can you become famous without having many followers? How can you Start getting a mass amount of followers worldwide? Without Paying for Advertising where your initial investments may Skyrocket.

We want to Mention that currently if it´s cash you´re curious about then YouTube and Facebook are usually progressing to be the places to start out. Still, Dailymotion and Twitter are also having ways to monetize your content.

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We are all about you, getting Detected as fast as possible without making Investments other than your time and Qualities.

We can not say, that there is a certain way you can create your content in order to go Viral, Become Famous or get Huge amounts of followers. We believe it is a Complete puzzle that is in charge of this. For example, Your expressions, your look, the surroundings and many other factors can play a huge role here.

Why getting Started with Trendy Fame? How can we provide this boost?

We are a website specialized only for Persons who want to become Famous. Our Followers are only expecting this from us as well. And we have a huge amount of followers already. We also Share your Contents with almost all well known Social Media platforms where our Followers can then easily Reshare your content. This is also possible throughout our website.

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You should take a decision on what you want to become famous for
Okay now you’ve decided what platform or platforms you´re going to achieve your fame on and hopefully, now you’ll understand a little more about the process.

Now it´s time to think about what could make you famous, you need to think about something that´s so crazy you´ll get your few minutes of fame. Once you get that little taste of fame you´ll so how much it skyrockets your online success.

So I’d recommend doing a viral video, something that makes people laugh or makes people think you’re stupid.

They laugh at you or at you, it doesn’t matter because either way you still get paid.

Creating content
Spend a well certain amount of time designing one really good article, video, or just about anything. Take your time and create something that´s really worth watching, create different edits and really make it comedy gold. There are many Paid and Free tools to make Edit Videos and Images you might consider just doing a Search on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

All it takes is one useful article or an amazingly funny video for you to sky-rocket into fame.

Another tip is to jump right on the content creation train, even after you´ve had a hit, that way you´ll not be a one-hit wonder.

Find a campaign that you want to be a part of, whether it´s something for charity or a viral bullying campaign, a great way to get famous is to make one of the videos that help with awareness.

There´s always something that´s worth sticking awareness for and even making a video that shows people the effect of the amount of time they spend online.

All this stuff is internet gold and will really help you get tons of views and become known.

Viral searching
Look for trends that are going viral and do them yourself. There´s always a trend going viral and you can always do it better or at least take the mick out of it.

Just go on sites like Vines, YouTube, Facebook, anywhere that will show you the upcoming trends, Reddit is another great place for trend spotting.

Be constant
If you’re trying to become famous on any of the sites above then you should always be consistent, take your time but make sure you create golden content every time.

With YouTube, you always want to be releasing videos at least 1 a day and with Facebook you want to be posting 3 to 10 posts a day.

You can get away with doing 2 articles a day on the blog if you decide that´s for you.

Do it for the vine
Vines will help you most your popularity on Facebook, just do a few vines every single day, make them funny and make them high quality, people love vines and right now they go down really well on Facebook.

Photoshop like a pro
Become a god at photoshop, if you’re going to have your profile pictures everywhere then you want to look amazing. Learn to use photoshop like a pro and make it so you look fabulous.

You´ll get more attention and as silly as it sounds, people are more likely to check you out if they think you´re hot.

This isn’t the case in all situations and it´s usually the opposite when it comes to comedians, but for the short game if you want to become famous on the vainer social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr then you might want to pump up the looks, change your style and be different in a way that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

If you follow all the rules and just keep up the good work, you’ll find online fame within the next year, just have to keep at it and not give up.

Everyone wants their slice of the cake, you’ve just got to make sure you get yours before anyone else.

How To Become Online Famous – It may take a time that´s one thing that depends on how good your content really is, but once you get a little fame it won’t take long before you´re at the top of your game and exploding. It does take a certain type of person and if you´re funny and good looking you´ll probably find it easier, but the only real advice I can give you is to start this second and don´t stop till you´ve made it!
We can not disclose here that you can Advertise. We won’t recommend unless you want to go Big in a Matter of Minutes and have Big amounts of money to spend.
If you want to speed things up a little you can always invest in some advertising, with YouTube you can use YouTube ads which are powered by AdWords and with Facebook, you can use Facebook ads and even Twitter has an ad network, I´d stick to using Facebook and YouTube for the beginning though.

One example:    

There are persons who get Viral just with the exact video they wanted to get Viral. Some other have been through a different procedure. For example. You might have been lucky recording something very spectacular you are very confident it is just a “Must Watch” like for ex; Some ducks walking on ice behind each other and doing an 8 figure during their walk or anything you might consider special close to this. Can make your channel/profile go viral and the followers/subscribers may increase and will be waiting for more good to come and you will have your way.

What benefits can you expect after our Hopefully Initial boost? :

Your Pages might get more Likes, Followers, Views, Engagement and herby to grow your Audience. At any Certain level, you may start monetizing your contents with Youtube, Dailymotion, and Facebook. Besides this when you are having many followers/subscribers you have Social media Partners which may play a big role to bring your Fame to a whole different Level. We will do our best to assist and to find partners as well for the persons reaching High amounts of Views at

Keep up to date with our posts since we are going to role out some more into Depth pieces of advice on how to become Famous online from your home and start earning great amounts of Money.


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