5 Reasons why life in your 30s is so much better than in your 20s

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The twenties go by much faster than you might think and you catch yourself leaving it out of view in the distance as you approach the 30-year milestone and start to think (or at least you expect) that with 30, everything will get better. Why are the 30s better than the 20s? What is the score to determine which is the best time of your life?

What are the differences between the 20s and 30s?


5 Razones por las que los 20 no se parecerán jamás a los 30

20: “All my friends function the same way. They have dates for more or less time with the same person, but no one wants anything serious. After a time, everything ends”.

30: “I’ve spent all my twenties looking for a husband and dating and those relationships were not all fun. Now that I have decided that a husband is not what is important, everything is much more fun.”


5 Razones por las que los 20 no se parecerán jamás a los 30

20: Commitment in relationships is not a priority, maybe it’s the cultural change and tinder. Any twenty-year-old will not surprise themselves by thinking: “I like this person, but do I like them enough to stop going out with other people? I guess not”.

30: The commitment becomes important after 30. Many couples who had met in their early 20s wait until 30 to get married because until then they have not had the need to do so.

Your career

5 Razones por las que los 20 no se parecerán jamás a los 30

20: It might seem that you’re not getting anywhere in the world of work. You’d think that at this age, you would have achieved a lot more and being surrounded by people who have already achieved their goals does not help.

30: You start to appreciate what you have achieved that what is left for you to get. You may still not have triumphed like you thought, but there are many people who do not triumph, up until 40 or 50.

Comparing yourself to others

5 Razones por las que los 20 no se parecerán jamás a los 30

20: The race to be the best, it still haunts and habits and education levels torment us. Your classmates are working on, or have practices that are more interesting than yours or are still studying. You compare yourself to others and try to surpass them.

30: Since there are no cheerleaders or team captains, the social hierarchies have disappeared and the real world has taken control. For those who were never popular it is a relief, but for those who relied on its status, this period can be traumatic.


5 Razones por las que los 20 no se parecerán jamás a los 30

20: The pace of partying is going down as the years pass by, but going to nightclubs and picking up a binge is still present in your day-to-day life. Splicing after work is an option, and the hangover is something to live with.

30: Drink for a drink is not worth it. The hangovers last until Monday and a good glass of wine in a week is more tempting than a spree the Saturday.

Which do you prefer the 30s or the 20s?

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