7 Benefits of being a psychopath that you probably didn’t know

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7 Benefits of being a psychopath

1 – They are more attractive

One of the most important things when seeing someone as attractive is symmetry. In general, we do not like people with uneven faces. Psychopaths have more testosterone flowing through their bodies, and that makes them more symmetrical.

7 Beneficios de ser psicópatas que seguramente no sabías

2 – Are the best looking people

According to some studies, psychopaths are more able to identify what people are feeling based on their facial microexpressions.

3 – Are more expressive

The psychopaths don’t care what you think of them, they speak in public without problems and have no fear of messing up. Therefore, do not become nervous and is more expressive.

4 – They work best under stress

Normal people often collapse under a heavy load of work, but psychopaths deal better with these difficult situations. The body of the psychopaths does not release stress hormones properly, so they do not panic as easily. In addition, they are assertive, do not postpone things and, in general, focus on the good instead of the bad.

7 Beneficios de ser psicópatas que seguramente no sabías

5 – The psychopaths are more creative

Create best works of art and make more scientific discoveries than other people. A study of criminals who suffered from psychopathy showed that they were more creative and had ideas that are more original.

6 – Are better entrepreneurs

For all that we have said above, psychopaths will be better workers and entrepreneurs. They are constantly thinking of new ways of doing things, have many ideas and constantly improve their performance. In fact, 1 out of every 100 people are psychopaths, but that number increases to 4 out of every 100, when we speak only of the entrepreneurs.

7 – Lie better

Psychopaths tend to have a high IQ and are able to better hide their feelings and emotions. In fact, they are able to show emotions that in reality, they do not experience.

7 Beneficios de ser psicópatas que seguramente no sabías

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