8 Evidence to show that there could be extraterrestrial life close to the Earth

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Although the majority of people are skeptical, extraterrestrial life, whether advanced or just microbial, is likely to exist somewhere in the universe. In fact, most scientists agree on this aspect.

This does not mean that we have aliens with large heads and bulging eyes, but it is almost a statistical certainty that somewhere in the universe there is some type of cosmic microbe or “bug space”.

Here are 8 reasons why the existence of extraterrestrial life is more than possible:

1 – By pure chance

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

Although the number of celestial bodies is constantly changing, it’s a fact that there are billions of planets, solar systems, and galaxies in the vast confines of the cosmos.

If it is considered that space is “infinite“, then the chances that there are other planets similar to our own should be infinite. This in turn increases the probability that there is life somewhere in the depths of space.

2 – There is water everywhere (relatively speaking)

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

If water is the key to a cosmic body to be able to host life as we understand it, it is possible that there is life in any place because water is present throughout the universe even though it is often in the form of ice.

Within our own solar system, there are several moons in that it has shown almost definitively that there is water in a liquid state. One of the moons of Saturn, Enceladus, even if it seems to shoot huge jets of water vapor and ice particles into space through the cracks that occur in the ice surface.

This suggests a significant geological activity that could provide the right conditions for life.

3 – Life could be based on other elements

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

The general tendency is to think that life is only possible if the same conditions that occurred on Earth. However, it is possible that there is life on another planet that required a set of completely different conditions.

Again, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps there is a being that is displayed in a liquid or gaseous form. Or, if a planet has an atmosphere composed of hydrogen or nitrogen, for example, how might their ways of life be based mainly on these two items?

This theory is supported in part by the growing number of living organisms, known as extremophiles, which thrive in hostile conditions on Earth. It is not too exaggerated to believe that a similar organization may exist in the icy conditions of Mars or in the environment a hell of Venus.

In summary, you may have not yet found alien life in the universe because it is possible that we do not know what we are looking for. The alien life might even exist in a way that is undetectable to us, a way that our eyes and ears cannot see or hear.

4 – The rapid rise of life on Earth

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

In relative terms, life on Earth, particularly human life, has emerged out of nowhere very recently. According to some researchers, this shows that there is an event which is unrepeatable. In summary, our existence is nothing special, just a standard reaction to the development of a planet.

Many experts suggest that a long time ago maybe there was life on Mars when it seems that it had an atmosphere and liquid water as the Earth. Similar statements have been made about Venus because of its terrain and size are similar to those of the Earth.

5 – The Universe is regenerated through supernovae

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra
The Telegraph

When the molecular structure of the people of the Earth is broken down, we are all made of the same molecules aa the stars.

The stars in our universe die and are formed again through a series of stellar explosions called supernovae. The clouds of gas and dust involved in the formation of new stars contain organic molecules, the chemical components of life. These molecules adhere to the comets, asteroids, planets, and moons that will eventually form around the stars.

Although the scientific community had theorized about the possibility that certain comets transfer basic components for life, they did not know where the process could have begun. Until now.

Thanks to the development of the latest radio telescopes, scientists have been able to find chemical fingerprints of life in the interstellar gas around the stars that are being created in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is 400 light-years from Earth. “This family of organic molecules is involved in the synthesis of peptides and amino acids, which, in the form of proteins, are the biological basis of life as we know it,“ explained Audrey Coutens, a professor at the University College of London.

Scientists believe that this finding shows a way similar to how life began in our solar system. If this is true, then the formation of new stars may have created alien life forms in other parts of the universe.

6 – Perhaps our galaxy is one (but not how we think)

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

Those who are opposed to the idea that there is extraterrestrial life often argue that the Earth is simply unique, an “exception” in the entire space. Some people believe that that statement is true, but not in the way in which we think. Perhaps the fact that our solar system seems to be devoid of life (especially intelligent life) with the exception of the Earth, which makes it unique in our galaxy.

If we attend to the constant discoveries of planets that are in habitable zones, it is likely that life thrives more often in other galaxies and solar systems, while ours is unusually empty.

Perhaps that is why we have not “discovered” aliens. Perhaps from their point of view, simply do not know that we are here and see our solar system as one without life, and of little interest to them. Or maybe, as we, have reason to believe that there could be life on our planet, but do not have the means, the knowledge or the technology to come and discover it. At least not yet.

7 – Life is not limited to planets

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

Of course, not only the planets could harbor life. Many moons show signs of life, while others may be colonized if we or strange beings we develop the knowledge to do it.

As mentioned above, many moons in our solar system have already presented strong signs of geological activity, the atmosphere and even the presence of liquid water. As we move into space, we may find that other moons in the cosmos contain more life than their planets hosts.

8 – Is the evidence is in our past?

8 Pruebas que demuestran que podría haber vida extraterrestre cerca de la Tierra

Agree with those who have delved into the theory of the ancient astronauts, the evidence that extraterrestrial life exists is out there, for us all to see through the abundant scriptures and legends of our past.

In addition to the abundant scriptures that seem to allude to or speak bluntly about the intervention of extraterrestrial beings, much of the theory of ancient astronauts revolve around periods of inexplicable of human evolution.

This is especially true if we think of the missing link, that is to say, in how humans developed their capabilities with the brain and skills to solve problems almost overnight (relatively speaking).

If there is some truth in the idea that some kind of alien had influence in human history, this would do no more than respond to the question of whether extraterrestrial life exists. I would suggest a much more closely with our cosmic cousins of what many would consider being remotely possible, as well as the need to re-evaluate what we know of our own collective past.

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