9 Things that could occur to our body by the holding in of sneezing, farting and burping

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We’ve all been more than once that you have to endure the flatulence in a meeting or to be forced to contain the urge to sneeze for fear of fill of snot to the person in front of you.

The culture and the “good habits” have led us to repress acts completely natural and the body is the first victim.

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What happens when you repress it the farting, burping, and sneezing?

1 – Farting and belching

All humans produce gas and our body seeks to remove them throughout the day. These are produced within the digestive tract, therefore, differ from person to person according to their health and the quality of their food.

During digestion, the body produces more gas than normal, so that it is forced to expel them. To be so noisy and smelly, we feel ashamed of doing so in public, however, is a natural act that we should not put red.

The gases are a key indicator for us to know our state of health. If we endure the flatulence and do not expel time, we can never know if there is an overproduction because of an illness. In addition, the accumulation of gas causes indigestion, inflammation, and cramping.

On the other hand, drop a fart or burp is the easiest way to end up with the swelling or feeling of heaviness which is known as abdominal distension.

9 Cosas que le podrían ocurrir a nuestro cuerpo al aguantarnos los estornudos, los pedos y los eructos
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2 – Sneezing

The sneezing is a reflex action by which produces the expulsion of air lung via the nasal passages and the mouth. Sometimes it is due to a cold, though it can also be caused by certain allergies.

If we have contracted some kind of virus, we can go in expelling bacteria and germs by sneezing. However, if we contain it for shame or for any other reason, these particles will remain in our organism more time. In addition, there may be displaced to areas further inside the nostril, paranasal sinuses, or middle ear and aggravate the situation.

9 Cosas que le podrían ocurrir a nuestro cuerpo al aguantarnos los estornudos, los pedos y los eructos
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On the other hand, the increase of pressure originated to suppress the sneezing constantly can have negative consequences such as:

  • Small breaks vascular
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Hemorrhages in the conjunctiva, the eye or the eardrum
  • Inflammation of the nasal passages
  • Inflammation of the eardrum
  • Ear pain
  • Dizziness
  • Alterations in the hearing
  • Headache

If you don’t want to spread it to other people, try to carry handkerchiefs of paper always with you and sneeze on them. So as to avoid becoming ill and spreading infection.

9 Cosas que le podrían ocurrir a nuestro cuerpo al aguantarnos los estornudos, los pedos y los eructos
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Do you have an idea of how damaging this could be to contain the farting, burping, and sneezing? It let us know in the comments!

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