Being annoyed by chewing sounds could be a sign of a serious disorder in the brain

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Are you one of those people who does not like hearing chewing noises? Either when you hear food crunching in the mouth of someone, or the sound produced while biting a piece of gum. Apparently, this could be due to the chemistry of your brain with your eating habits.

And this information is based on research from the University of Newcastle,  where it is said that the hatred toward this habit could actually arise from a psychiatric disorder.

This abnormality of the brain is called misophonia. The misophonia is a disorder in which people feel a great aversion to certain sounds such as eating, chewing loudly, breathing heavily and strong, or even the continued use of a pencil.

Molestarse por el sonido al masticar podría ser señal de un grave trastorno en el cerebro

In 2001, it was regarded as a condition of the brain. According to Current Biology, a medical journal, scientists discovered that those who suffer from this condition activate different areas of the brain when they hear the sound that bothers them.

The journal showed changes in brain activity when they heard that noise in particular. The report went on to show images of the brain participant where showed an abnormality in the mechanism of emotional control.

Molestarse por el sonido al masticar podría ser señal de un grave trastorno en el cerebro

This mechanism is what causes the brain to work at full speed when they hear the sound they hate. Some physical responses include increased heart rate, and sweating profusely.

The researchers noted changes in the brain activity between those who were annoyed and those who were not when they heard the sound triggers. So the next time you want to kill someone for their way of eating, you blame the chemistry of your brain and not your personality!

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