Body Pollution! What happens to your body 10 hours after you apply Nail Polish

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If you usually paint your nails often, sure that you ever, when you take off the enamel, you will have become yellowed, brittle, and dry. Well, it turns out that the lacquers of nails, as with all products that contain chemical components, are harmful.

However, the problem does not stop there, these enamels are not only harmful to the health of the nails but for the of our body in general.

Qué es lo que le ocurre a tu cuerpo 10 horas después de ponerte el esmalte de uñas

This is what happens to your body 10 hours after applying nail Polish

The dangers of nail Polish to reside in their toxicity. Some of the components that contain and can seriously damage your health are:

  • Toluene: a solvent that gives the nails a smooth finish and keeps the pigment to make the color last longer. Toluene may affect the central nervous system and cause reproductive disorders. Some of their side effects are headaches, lack of energy, fainting, and nausea.
  • Formaldehyde: a colorless gas that helps to increase the useful life of the enamel. If you suffer from allergies, contact with formaldehyde can provoke dermatitis and possible chemical burns. In more severe cases, can lead to heart rhythm disorders, seizures, and cancer.
  • Dibutyl phthalate: used as a fragrance for the nail Polish does not smell so bad. The presence of this component dangerous can cause endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases, and problems in the respiratory tract.
Qué es lo que le ocurre a tu cuerpo 10 horas después de ponerte el esmalte de uñas
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In a study involving 24 women, are wanted to prove what were the actual effects that the nail polishes they had on the health. To do this, they analyzed their state before and after the experiment.

The study consisted of printable the nails to all the participants and see the changes that were occurring in their bodies hours later. The results were alarming.

To start, just 6 hours later, they were able to see that most of them had dangerously high levels of phosphate, diphenyl, a by-product of the phosphate triphenyl is formed in the metabolic process.

After 10 hours, the levels of this compound were 7 times higher than normal in all women.

To prevent the nail polishes may cause any type of problem, do not abuse them and look very good in their ingredients. Try to use the ones that are more natural and of better quality. The idea of “to be beautiful must suffer”, many years ago it ceased to be a trend.

Did you have an idea of how harmful the nail polish could be? It let us know in the comments!

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Source: NCBI

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