Cameras caught a man running away with a bucket of gold valued at $ 1.6 million

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Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us feel a twinge in the stomach every time we pass in front of an armored van with the doors open. We do not act accordingly, of course, but the thought is still there.

This explains why a guy put his hand on the back of an armored van in the Diamond District of New York and picked up a five-gallon bucket. It turned out to be a cube that contained $ 1.6 million in gold flakes.

Unas cámaras pillan a un hombre huyendo con un cubo de oro valorado en 1,6 millones de dólares

The incident occurred in September, and the images of surveillance published by the Department of Police of New York captured throughout the development of the situation. The man crossed the street, he noticed that the back of the truck was open and without protection apparently, and he decided to make a move; his movement, in this case, was to take a cube of metal of 40 kilos and go for a walk with it down the street.

Not only was the theft that occurred captured on video: surveillance cameras followed the man as he walked down the crowded street in the full light of day, with the cube in hand as if nothing, leaving him on the ground briefly to catch his breath before getting up again and crossing the street. This continued for about an hour, before disappearing in front of the cameras at 48th street and Third Avenue.

Unas cámaras pillan a un hombre huyendo con un cubo de oro valorado en 1,6 millones de dólares

The police suspect that it was a sporadic crime, and although it seems true, raises an important question: who the heck takes a look at an armored vehicle and decides to steal a cube? Yes, it ended up containing more than a million dollars in gold, but it was a cube in the end.

Although is still at large, detectives believe the unidentified man is hiding in Florida, presumably in an attempt to vanish in the sea of crimes, the more absurd of Florida.

What do you think of this unusual theft? Would you have done it yourself? So post your impressions in the comments section!

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