13 Animals of The Celtic Zodiac and Their Meanings

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What you should know about the Celtic zodiac

The Celts were closely tied to nature.They based their zodiac on the lunar cycle and placed special importance on trees and animals. They saw the animal world as being closely connected to their own, linking the human character with the traits, behaviors and characteristics of these 13 noble animals.




Between 24 December - 1 January is Celtifgc
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Noble, with high ideals and aspirations, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals. Your thoroughness patience and persistence ensure success. When everybody gives up, the deer remains, no matter the obstacles, and despite acting with an air of royalty, believes in hard work and justice. Integrity is your personal brand.


January 21 – February 17

The cat possesses stellar intellect and has a lot of ideas opinion and vision. You are not only endowed with great capacities for reasoning but has a “sixth sense” that reveals the truth and protects you from hidden intentions. Your particular vision of life always brings new ideas to a project.

Cats are kind and loving, even though they may seem distant at times, they have a heart full of good intentions.


February 18 – March 17

This animal appears to have a cold exterior, but in reality are infinitely lively. You are curious, always walking around looking for answers about the world that surrounds you. You are a good communicator and persuasive –  spontaneous and unpredictable. Despite being flexible, the snake tends to want things to be done their way.


March 18 – April 14

The fox is famous for his cunning and charisma, and a borne seductiveness. You have an active mind and need to stay busy, engaged and stimulated.  You have a soft side that not everyone in the world can access, as you spend the day playing and joking around. The fox is extremely loyal and if their friendship is eared it shall last forever.


April 15 – March 12

Strong, safe, stable and loving, the bull is the person that you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on. You detect a liar in the league and take  time to make decisions and you are extremely stubborn


You display excellent taste and elegance, and are skillful with fashion and has a knack for interior design. The bull is totally trustworthy and able to keep a secret.


May 13 – June 9

Flexible, versatile and creative, with the ability to move between the established norms. You have an incredible memory and you are Smart but difficult to follow. The seahorse is adorable and loves to be adored.


June 10 – July 7

Usually associated with bad news, the raven is an animal that stands out for its wit, freshness, and openness of ideas.  You love to care for others and to encourage your family and friends. You achieve what you intend and are able to maintain the calm in the middle of the worst storm.


July 8 – August 4

Powerful and always in development, the horse lives life as if it were a competition. You have enough talent and confidence to take risks, especially in business. You are regal and likes to make big entrances and demonstrate your style and authority – you like to be adored. Leadership positions are your forte. You are a team player and a great worker.



The salmon can be slippery to figure out and because of a high sense of self-preservation tends to appear standoffish. But in truth you are quite warm and are usually a delight to know.  Salmons have an active imagination and a sharp mind which makes them the best artists but sometimes they dive too far into their own world and others can’t follow.


September 2 – September 29

The most elegant of all. You have discerning tastes and a critical eye for beauty. Refined and noble, which at times can be taken as asocial. Your coolness comes from your refinement, but you can be very passionate in relationships. Demanding in  details, this aristocrat natural clearly demonstrates how things should be done.


September 30 – October 27

Spends his life flitting between friends and family. You maintain relationships with friends throughout life, but are unable to be tied to someone for a long time.  You are able to give light to the darkest day with your joy and bright personality. Make friends with ease and you’ll be lucky if you have a butterfly around.


October 28 – November 24

The wolf has a strong sense of purpose and will do everything they can to achieve their objectives. You are tough, bold and brave – never turn back or give up. But you fear commitment and live most of your  life as lone wolves


November 25 – December 23

The highest level of care and commitment that you can find.  You use all your strength and resources to achieve your objectives. You appreciate wisdom and knowledge, and enjoy teaching others. With an acute sense of balance, you have a clear “north” and does not deviate from the path.

 What is your animal sign in the Celtic zodiac?

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