The story of Amasis, the Egyptian Pharoah who started a war because of a FART

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When their enemies took possession of Jerusalem, the displaced citizens found a new home in Elephantine and other areas that were under its surveillance. Until that time, C. 570, the life of Apries’ subjects was pretty good.

A fart changed all that

La historia de Amasis, el faraón de Egipto que inició una guerra por culpa de un pedo

In that year, Apries received important news from Libya: the Greeks of Cyrene (a city-state located in the north of Africa) were attacking on the ground, and his help would be appreciated. Apries sent his men to the battle but were overcome, resulting in considerable losses.

This error in measuring the forces made the families of the dead mercenaries begin to look at Apries differently. He became considered expendable.

Apries tried not to worry too much about the riots, but it soon intensified so much that it was impossible to ignore them. The men even began to talk about making an armed uprising. In an attempt to quell the riot, the pharaoh sent one of his best generals, Amasis, to deliver a message: the king was upset by the lack of loyalty.

La historia de Amasis, el faraón de Egipto que inició una guerra por culpa de un pedo

Amasis completed the task entrusted to him by penetrating to the very center of the movement of the coup leaders. Before he could talk, an insurgent walked up to him and put a helmet on his head. “Why Amasis does not become the new pharaoh?” The man asked the crowd.

Although until now the general had been known for his allegiance to Apries, his lust for power was greater than any sense of fidelity. The general decided that he could not let this opportunity escape and became the leader of the insurgents. When Apries heard of the radical change of side of Amasis, he sent another messenger, Patarbemis, to arrange a meeting with Amasis in which a traitor will be delivered.

During the meeting held with Patarbemis in which they discussed who should be the true pharaoh, Amasis raised his buttocks in the saddle, farted, and told Patarbemis he could take it to Apries as a response and a sign of a challenge.

La historia de Amasis, el faraón de Egipto que inició una guerra por culpa de un pedo

The expulsion of gas was accompanied by a promise: Amasis would go in search of Apries, but he would take some friends with him. Totally surprised, Patarbemis went to Sais, where the magnificent residential palace of Apries was located. When the ruler learned that Patarbemis had returned without Amasis, he ordered the cutting of his nose and ears as punishment.

This order would confirm the beginning of the end for Apries. Patarbemis was a person held in high regard in Sais so the civilians who knew the ghastly way he had been treated by Apries decided to stand on the side of Amasis.

When Amasis kept his promise and found himself with Apries on the field of battle, the pharaoh suffered a resounding defeat.

La historia de Amasis, el faraón de Egipto que inició una guerra por culpa de un pedo

Amasis took on the role of the pharaoh at the end of the 570. C. and ruled until approximately 525 C. According to Herodotus, Amasis initially showed some respect for Apries, keeping him prisoner instead of executing him, but his subjects insisted that it was offensive to keep him alive. In time, Amasis gave the former ruler to the masses that they might do with him whatever they wanted, which of course caused his death.

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