We tell you the myths and truths about sucking the heads of the shrimp

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At Christmas, the seafood is the food most consumed by the entire world. It is very common that in the dinner of christmas Eve and the End of the Year, shrimp, crayfish, or shrimp are part of the incoming. As a general rule, we tend to take the head to these crustaceans, however, there are still many people who suck at it without knowing that it can be very harmful.

Te contamos los mitos y verdades sobre chupar las cabezas de las gambas
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Crustaceans contain cadmium, a heavy metal that is found in the sea and contaminates the flesh of the seafood. This metal can pose a great risk to our health. In particular, in the viscera of the head is where the largest amounts of cadmium. It is for this reason that the Spanish Agency of Consumption, Food Security and Nutrition (AECOSAN) recommended to limit your intake.

The human body usually absorbs a little cadmium, however, the Organization of Consumers and Users, explains that this metal tends to accumulate in the body, especially in the liver and the kidney, and it can take 10 to 30 years to be deleted. This is the reason for which might cause renal dysfunction, bone demineralization, and even cancer.

Te contamos los mitos y verdades sobre chupar las cabezas de las gambas
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Therefore, if in these dates as indicated the seafood is going to be part of your dinners or meals, remember to limit your intake and avoid sucking on the head of all the crustaceans.

On the other hand, try to stay active and eating a balanced diet. The excesses of the Christmas dinners are very common and it is very difficult to deprive themselves of so many pleasures that put us ahead. However, if we control what we eat the rest of the days, we won’t have to worry so much for skipping the diet for a couple of nights.

Finally, keep always in mind that, if you are going to drink, you should not take the car. Called a taxi, asked to drive a family member or friend who has not been drinking or go on foot. Caution is very important on these dates.

Te contamos los mitos y verdades sobre chupar las cabezas de las gambas
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