A father shares his story of how he bravely fought cancer and won by changing his diet

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Imagine for a moment being a father of two children and knowing that you only a few weeks to live and to be able to enjoy them. Rob Mooberry had to deal with this terrible situation.

In July 2012, Rob Mooberry, who at that time was 37 years, was hospitalized for a perforated colon. The tests revealed that Rob had colorectal cancer, stage 4, which had spread to his intestines, lymph nodes, and liver. The impact of receiving the heartbreaking news was brutal.

Un padre comparte su historia del cáncer que combatió y desapareció cambiando lo que comía a diario

“I went to the hospital, the doctor caught me alone and told me basically that there was an 8% chance of survival. I could not believe it. I was always a healthy person, I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Amanda (his wife) was so upset, my family was so upset.. The doctors really didn’t say anything, but I knew that it was serious, I thought I was going to die. Amanda stayed with me, she could have left but stayed. In those moments is when you know that the love between you is true.”

Un padre comparte su historia del cáncer que combatió y desapareció cambiando lo que comía a diario

Rob Mooberry began to experience symptoms of intestinal problems, such as swelling or change in the appearance of stool from a year prior. When the abdominal pain was very acute, he decided to go to the doctor and learned that his colon was already perforated.

He trusted in the doctors and decided to undergo the surgeries required, and the first session of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. As a result, the cancer was reduced to stage 3. However, that was not enough and he sought alternative treatment.

Instead of going ahead with the radiotherapy and the chemotherapy Rob decided to change something essential in his life: the power.

From the moment he was diagnosed with the illness, Rob started to take a diet based on vegetables. For him, it was not difficult since his wife was already a vegetarian.

The oncologists advised him to continue with the treatments as soon as possible, but Rob was not willing to do this.

“It was horrible. I had to leave work for a period of time, had no energy, I felt bad. The chemotherapy so many chemicals are put into your body that makes you not yourself, I could not do it anymore. It was then when I knew that I needed to do something to beat this cancer. I was really willing to try anything to save my life. That was when I started to eat raw and vegan.”

Un padre comparte su historia del cáncer que combatió y desapareció cambiando lo que comía a diario

Rob also eliminated all sugars and processed products from his diet.

About 6 months later, in early 2013, they discovered that his cancer had diminished by 80%. In 2014 there was no longer any trace of the disease.

Currently, he has enjoyed almost 5 years free of cancer, with his wife Amanda and their two daughters, 20 months. He even runs a small charity against cancer, the Foundation Mu Casa Moo.

Rob Mooberry does not consider himself an advocate of the vegan diet: “I’m not saying that everyone should be vegan, but, if you ask me what worked in my case, I have to say that it was this diet.”

The case of Rob is really awesome, it is clear that diet has a role in our health. For this reason, since this website always defends the importance of avoiding ultra-processed products and to opt for natural and whole foods.

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