International athletes strip for charity calendar

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40 Imágenes de Atletas desnudos de todo el mundo que se han quitado la ropa por una buena causa

“This is the third edition of the sporting calendar, so it was a lot easier to coordinate with people from abroad as he had done previously,” said Cuda. “It was not so much choose to people but knowing who appreciated the project and who wanted to participate. The athletes were put in contact with me and I told them that if they wanted to participate, they were more than welcome to join”.

In developing the idea of how the calendar should be this year, Dominika encountered some financial problems. Even without funds, Cuda did not lose hope and continued his work. “I was the only one with a vision and had no sponsor. Assuming the risk, I paid for the project myself“.

40 Imágenes de Atletas desnudos de todo el mundo que se han quitado la ropa por una buena causa

The images were taken in different locations of Warsaw, Poland. The set of images forming a journal of 300 pages and a personal day planner for 2018, that includes workout schedules and daily charts to record goals, achievements and results.

The sales of the calendar contributed to the fund for a year, which supports young athletes who do not have money for shoes, clothes and other equipment. “When I was young, I wanted to be a biathlete, so I know that chasing your dream requires funding for equipment and training,” said Cuda. “We are looking for the best and the brightest, helping them to stay on the chosen path and motivate them to achieve their goals.”

It is a great commitment, and work for young people, and they need to have motivation and resources to achieve their goals and dreams.

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