Bethlehem Christmas

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The Crib is without doubt one of the traditions most well-known of Christmas in Spain, and there are of all types: traditional, living, innovative, artistic,… Are found in almost all localities and in all homes. Both children and adults love to put the figurines and give so welcome to a time of happiness and celebration.

“My family has not been given or has”, the funny detail of this nativity scene

‘Mi familia no se ha dado cuenta’: el divertido Belén navideño que causa cachondeo en las redes

This commemoration of the birth of Jesus can be much more complicated and fun than we think. And although we all know that the most important thing is the portal with the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the mule, the ox, and the child Jesus, each one after you can add your personal touch, that makes each family unique and special.

There are those who include all kinds of animals, some figures larger than others, or even details as special and unique as this Twitter user, that has posted this image of his original Bethlehem.

Are you able to find the detail that makes it unique? More than 55,000 people have already noticed and what has been shared on the social networks, since release on the 21st of December. However, as the user writes in the comment, your family has not noticed that there is an infiltrator in their ‘traditional’ Bethlehem.

‘Mi familia no se ha dado cuenta’: el divertido Belén navideño que causa cachondeo en las redes

The holidays are a time for family and fun, which may leave us with anecdotes as entertaining and fun as this. In effect, this is Yoda, the fictional character of the series of Star Wars that both the people like.

Are you one of those that gives a personal touch to the crib? What is the most unusual you’ve ever seen? What shapes will you put yours? It let us know in the comments!

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Cover image: UsernamePorfa / Twitter
Source: UsernamePorfa / Twitter

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