The 10 Best songs that helps proper pronunciation and to talk English perfectly

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Today, knowing a second language is essential to move around the world, for work and even for our daily life on many occasions. It is true that it can be somewhat difficult to learn another language other than native, for this reason, today we bring you a new way of learning a bit of English with different songs.

Learn English thanks to the music

1 – Beyoncé – Halo

One of the best songs that we’ve seen in the past few years to learn English. Listen, the letter is perfect.

2 – Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

The use of different grammar structures in this song will help you learn how to pronounce the different tenses, and to understand how they are constructed phrases.

3 – Hello – Adele

This song is very good to practice pronunciation, because, despite the accent of the singer, pronounce it perfectly and the pace of the song allows us to understand all the words.

4 – Black Space – Taylor Swift

Adjectives, expressions, tenses different, a lot of vocabulary… This song contains a little bit of everything you have to know how to pronounce.

5 – Friday I’m in love – The Cure

Not only you will remember perfectly the days of the week and the colors, but that the use of the present and the rhymes help to differentiate the different pronunciations.

6 – Happy – Pharrell Williams

One of the most played songs of the past years. Its rhythm is contagious so aprendértela will improve the use of the conditional in your English vocabulary.

7 – It’s all coming back to me now – Celine Dion

Your mix of tenses, adjectives and the different subjects are perfect to learn a bit more English.

8 – The Rain in Spain – My Fair Lady

This song makes a lot of emphasis on the pronunciation of the vowels and the consonants are similar to vowels as h.

9 – The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

The best thing about this song is that they contain a large number of adjectives that we use in our daily life so that you will learn to defend yourself in this aspect.

10 – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Uses expressions typical of the English that we teach in an academy but that are very useful in daily life.

It’s time to get the batteries, there are many more songs which will help you to learn English so give it to play.

Share these songs and help others to pronounce it in English!

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