The guy who spent more than half a million dollars in surgical operations

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The cosmetic surgery is a good option to fix some complex than another if you really don’t feel comfortable with ourselves. But, as in everything, there are people who take things to the limit, and aesthetic touches every little time may not give you the result that you wanted in the first place.

The case of Rodrigo Alves, a Brazilian that resides between Marbella, London, and Los Angeles, is one of the most talked-about in what surgery is concerned, as it has more than 150 interventions to the young age of 32 years.

He has spent almost a million dollars in surgeries

The young man has spent years undergoing surgeries, changing his face and body in a drastic way to get the image and the body of the famous doll, Ken. All this has not come cheap, because who has spent almost a million dollars in these operations, and subsequent retouching of the same.

Alves has declared on more than one occasion to the press that in the boarding school, where he spent a few years, “had women-like breasts, and I was fat, ugly and depressed. I just wanted to be accepted by the society, and get it closer to the ideal of beauty Brazilian”.

Also told ‘The Mirror’: “I deserve a medal for all the pain to reach the perfection”. The young man is not ashamed of the way in which they invest the money since thanks to the operations you feel better about yourself.

He added that it is not within his plans to change sex and that you are sure that your new hair color will look more feminine.

Really Barbie and Ken are one of the characters most imitated in the world and many people want to be like them, although to tell the truth, this is already changing…

And you, would you do cosmetic surgery?

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