Sure-fire ways to detect if you are with the person that you should marry

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Something similar happens when they decide to get married because they are pregnant. Are aware that it is a relationship in which there is only a physical attraction but trust that this flame will never be extinguished. However, it always does. Have your baby overcomes it all and makes you want to repent, but you must recognize that the decision to marry was wrong.

It is true that all of us are aware of the fact that that stage is crazy, and being in love with a relationship does not last forever. When the relationship progresses, the madness disappears, the love matures and, although it becomes less intense, the relationship is strengthened. Or at least that is what should happen if there is no type of incompatibility.

6 Formas infalibles de detectar si estamos con la persona con la que deberíamos casarnos

In general, we prefer to make decisions in the light at that stage is crazy that we are blinded of love and therefore we are not able to make wise decisions because, if you’ve been in this situation before, where you were super in love and suddenly the relationship was broken in pieces, how do you know that this time will not be so as well?

The tricks to know

Normally, we all know when something does not work but we try to justify what happens. However, in these sometimes your closest friends could be of great utility. If you were to ask them what they think about your relationship, you may realize certain things that you don’t see because you are blinded by love. You should consider this option seriously because there is nothing worse than wasting time in a relationship that is going nowhere.

6 Formas infalibles de detectar si estamos con la persona con la que deberíamos casarnos

However, there are things that cause people to be unable to break up with their partner and one of the main reasons is the fear of being alone. Many people prefer to be in a bad relationship knowing that it will not last forever to be single. But you should know that today it is much easier to go out on a Saturday night and get to know people.

It could be with your friends and have a good time, maybe meet someone worthwhile. To be in an unsatisfactory relationship reduces the chances of finding a good relationship.

There are several basic factors which you must also comply with: such as wanting to be with someone a great part of your time, knowing how to blend in the bed or help you achieve your goals. If you’re in the relationship and each wants a different direction for the couple, put a time limit. If you finally do not reach to make an agreement, ask yourself if the relationship is worthwhile or if it is going to bring you harm.

6 Formas infalibles de detectar si estamos con la persona con la que deberíamos casarnos

But remember, that when you examine your own questions and hear the opinions of your best friends, you’ll be obliged to yourself to take off the blindfold and acknowledge that there is the right person. If you’re lucky, take away the bandage, you will get you what you want still.

Do you have an idea how important the opinion of a good friend could prove to be? Have you carried on in a dead relationship because of the fear of being alone? Let us know in the comments!

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