7 Disturbing facts about popular snacks that are eaten daily

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Snacks are part of our lives. We have all brought some snacks to snack on at school, we know that popcorn is a must-haves while watching a film, there is nothing better to eat in front of the tv with some good chips and never could make a feast as God commands without something to nibble on that will soil the fingers.

In the supermarkets there are entire aisles where we can purchase these delicacies that we help keep the appetite from one meal to another. However, some of the most popular and tasty snacks have some unappetizing secrets than perhaps you’re not aware of.

Here are 7 facts disturbing about some popular snacks:

1 – Fruits snacks are not better than candy

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario

Fruit snacks are marketed as a healthy source of vitamins. In its packaging, you can see the multitude of labels that indicate that they are made with fruit and contain the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

However, nutritionally, these fruit snacks have more in common with candy than with the fruit.

These snacks lack dietary fiber, an important nutrient found in fresh fruit. If you eat two small bags of Fruit Snacks from Welch, you will have consumed the same amount of calories and sugar that is in a package of Starburst candy.

Manufacturers of fruit snacks, Welch, is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging that their labels are false and misleading. The plaintiff, Lauren Hall claims that the labels of the company promise more nutritional benefits from their product.

2 – Gummy bears are more than sugar and spice

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario
Thomas Rosenau

In addition to being tasty and cute, these colorful bears also contain remains from slaughterhouses. On the label, it mentions gelatin as the ingredient responsible for its gumminess.

Gelatin is an ingredient that is very versatile which comes from animal collagen. In the Middle Ages, it was discovered that the bones and skins of animals, boiled in water, created a broth that is solid when cooled. At that time, making gelatin was a long process that involved a large cooking for six hours.

3 – French fries are worse than you thought.

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario

Due to its high content in sodium and fat, French fries are not considered a healthy snack. But it also contains a chemical called acrylamide. First found in certain foods in 2002, acrylamide raised many concerns in the society due to its ability to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

The chemical is not found in raw potatoes, this is formed when cooked at a high temperature such as when you fry them in oil. And unfortunately for us, it seems that the French fries contain higher levels of acrylamide than other foods.

The levels of this substance increase the longer and higher temperature it is cooked at. This means that frying the potatoes produced more acrylamide than boiling them or heat them up in the microwave. It also means that the chips that crack tend to contain more acrylamide.

4 – Takis can erode the lining of the stomach

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario

Takis are rolled and crispy snacks, which come in a wide variety of flavors. In particular, the spicy flavors have been a hit among children. However, this obsession for the spicy can send you to the hospital, in fact, some brands of spicy snacks have been banned in some schools.

Many children end up in the emergency room with gastritis after eating snacks like Takis. Gastritis is an inflammation or erosion of the lining of the stomach. Some of the symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea and burning sensation in the stomach.

This is the case of the Andrew Medina (12 years, Los Angeles), who was taken to the doctor for abdominal pain. Apparently, he ate some 20-30 bags of these hot potatoes in a month.

Dr. Robert Glatter believes that the flavoring of these chips affects the pH levels in the stomach, which causes it to become painfully acidic. Some children suffer from stomach pains so severe that they arrive at the hospital bent by the pain.

5 – Cheetos play with your mind

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario

Cheetos have been around for almost 70 years. Introduced by Frito-Lay in 1948, these potatoes corn flour with cheese remains one of the main brands of snacks on the market. But Cheetos did not become so popular by accident.

According to food scientist Steven Witherly, Cheetos are an example of “disappearance of caloric density“. When a food melts quickly in the mouth, it fools the brain into thinking that you have not consumed calories. If your brain believes that you are not consuming calories, then it does not send the relevant messages to the stomach to indicate that it is full.

This makes it very easy to eat an entire bag of Cheetos, that is exactly what is intended by the manufacturers.

6 – Pretzels are bathed in “bleach”

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario
YuliaKotina / Shutterstock

Pretzels are so fluffy and tempting that you’d want to eat them even if they have been dipped in a chemical caustic which is capable of dissolving glass.

Bleach is commonly used to make soap but also used to make pretzels at the traditional bavarian-style. The dough of this biscuit is dipped in a mixture of water and lye before baking. Thanks to this bath in lye the pretzels acquires that golden tone when it is baked.

If this goldening agent is not applied to the dough before baking, the pretzels come out of the oven white. A mixture of hot water and baking soda can also be used as a goldening agent, but many bakers believe that the method of the lye is the one that produces the best results.

Bakers generally use food grade bleach for this process. The food quality bleach is produced and packaged in a way that is regulated, but it is still the equivalent of the chemical in cleaning products.

7 – Popcorn can damage the lungs

7 Inquietantes cosas que seguramente no sabías que le echan a los típicos "manjares" que tomamos a diario
st.noon / Shutterstock

Popcorn is one of the most ancient snacks known to man. Archaeologists have found evidence that even 6,700 years ago, in Peru, they prepared this delicious and addictive snack. At that time, the popcorn was made on a cob on coals or heating it directly over a flame.

Today, microwave popcorn facilitate the easy preparation and enjoyment of this snack. Anyone who has taken out a bag of popcorn in the microwave know how well that smell.

However, the taste of butter that smells so good contains many chemicals that damage our lungs when inhaled. The employees working in the manufacturing plants for microwave popcorn have developed a disease known as “popcorn lungs” after being exposed to chemical vapors regularly.

This disease affects the smaller airways of the lungs, making it hard to breathe.

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