The 10 Best mixtures of alcoholic drinks with fruits to try this summer

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The heat has arrived and we all love to refresh ourselves with cold drinks, either at home or when we’re at the beach with our friends. That’s why today we bring you the combination of fruits with alcoholic beverages that will make the best cocktails this season.

Combining alcohol with your fruit this summer

1 – Grapes + Wine

This recipe is for a double. You can use the grapes as ice if your wine is not cold enough, and then you can eat it if you like it soaked in alcohol.

2 – Strawberries + Vodka

You can combine the strawberries with different types of alcohol, but certainly, the best is with vodka. You can also add some champagne to the mix.

3 – Pineapple + Rum

The pineapple is very refreshing for the summer, so if you like, it is best to combine it with rum. You can serve it in a cup or be more creative and do so within the own natural pineapple.

4 – Watermelon + Beer

It may seem like a strange mix, but it has become very fashionable and the result is more than rich. In addition, you can add some tequila if you dare.

5 – Raspberries + Champagne

A classic cocktail and elegant for the summer. Prepare it if you dare and you’ll be high for everything.

6 – Coconut + Rum

As with the pineapple, you can take a cocktail with rum, inside the coconut. It is ideal for the beach and to combat the heat. Add ice inside to give the perfect temperature.

7 – Orange + Brandy

You can make your own fruit dipped in brandy, and as you decide whether you eat or you drink the cocktail.

8 – Mango + Champagne

Combine the mango, with lime and a bit of champagne and have a drink that’s elegant and ideal with tropical fruit for these hot months.

9 – Peach + Bourbon

This is for the more brave because it is quite strong and you have to like the Bourbon, but it is delicious.

10 – Cherries + Bourbon

Another strong drink, ideal for the summer.

Which of these cocktails did you like more? Are you going to try some of them soon?

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