Blogger, Chessie King, modifies her body, according to criticisms that she receives

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To achieve these change, Chessie used Photoshop, a well-known photo-editing program. The modified photos are published on her Instagram account. In one photo she appears in underwear. With the help of Photoshop experts, she modified all of the alleged defects that she had.

They said she was fat, that her arms were very large, her face was ugly and had mustaches instead of eyebrows. To fix this, she enlarged her eyes and lips, lightened her hair and reduced the thickness of her legs and arms. However, the result was terrifying. Her body was deformed. The modifications did not make sense so that the blogger stressed that we will never be able to please everyone.

“If we change our body for every troll and hear each ‘cyberbully’, we would be monsters. It does not matter if you have 23 followers or 3 million. No one should have to deal with the hatred as usual on social media,” she wrote next to the video of the final transformation.

Chessie King, who has 339.000 followers, has conducted this experiment to raise awareness around the world about the seriousness of bullying and has proved to be a success. The publication has received 258,000 views and 20,000 likes.

The publication had comments of all kind, but many supported the message that the blogger intended to send, and emphasized the importance of this work.

“Nice message”. emeraldbatman.

“Many thanks for sending this message to girls”. sourensworld.

“I’ve seen this several times and the powerful message does not change, nor does it have a smaller impact. It is frightening to think and to see how far the trolls go and the detrimental effects that their words can have on a person.” katherinebuckley888.

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