10 Interesting facts about the sexual past of Gandhi

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, is one of humanity’s most revered figures due to his lessons about resistance without violence.

Today, he is acclaimed as the ‘Father of the Nation’ in a country that has more than 1.324 million people.

The date of his birth is celebrated by all on high and the liquor stores are closed across the country since Gandhi was against the consumption of alcohol. The image of his smiling face is printed on every note printed by the central bank of India and hundreds of roads, schools, colleges, buildings bear his name.

While the public life of Gandhi remains an inspiration to many, his personal life is a topic that is very rugged, which gives rise to many interpretations.

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

Not much is known about the personal life of Gandhi, there are only some clues about his experiments with sex and naked women.

However, a book titled ‘Gandhi: Naked Ambition’, published in 2012, contains some revelations about the more intimate life of the thinker.

His constant messages in relation to sex and the repression of sexual impulses led to Jawaharkak Nehru, the First prime Minister of India, to describe the practices and advice of the peace leader as “abnormal and unnatural“.

Below we show you some of the strange details that characterized Gandhi’s sexual relations:

1 – Traumatic Experience

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

In 1885, while his father lay dying, Gandhi left him to have sex with his girlfriend Kasturba. Just at that precise moment, Gandhi ‘s father died without his son at his side.

Him not being present during the death of his father but was instead having sex with his girlfriend would, since then, totally take a position against “ lustful love“.

2 – Suspicious Rules

Gandhi created áshrams (places of meditation and teaching of hinduism in which students live together under the same roof as their teachers) in which he made his first “experiments” with sex.

There the boys and girls were to bathe and sleep together, but they were punished if they kept any conversation with sexual connotations. Moreover, men and women were segregated. Gandhi advised also that the husbands were not alone with their wives, and in case they felt the effects of passion, were given a bath of cold water.

3 – Hot Baths

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

Sushila Nayar, the attractive sister of the secretary of Gandhi, used to sleep and bathe with Gandhi since childhood. When asked about the issue, Gandhi said that he kept his eyes closed while she was bathing.

4 – He was always well accompanied

After the death of his wife Kasturba, Gandhi was not missing women around her. He always slept with women, which according to his rules, were forbidden to sleep with their own husbands.

5 – Goodbye to any test

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

A lot of sensitive materials have been destroyed, but there are still some of the comments which pretty much speak for themselves in the letters of Gandhi, as for example: “Vina sleeping with me you could say that it was an accident. All that can be said is that she slept close to me“.

6 – Obsession with semen

Gandhi complained of experiencing “involuntary downloads” more frequently since his return to India. I thought that the semen possessed qualities almost magical: “One who conserves his vital fluid acquires an indestructible power,” he said.

7 – All in the family

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

In 1947, Sushila, a 33-year-old, stopped sleeping with Gandhi when he was 77 years old. Her place was occupied by Manu who was just 17 years old at the time. She became his constant companion until his assassination.

“The two of us we can be murdered by Muslims”, he said to her, “we need to test our purity so that now we should start sleeping naked“.

8 – New concept

Gandhi defined his own concept of a Brahmachari as “one who never has any lustful intention and that, through the continuous connection with God is also able to monitor the “emissions” conscious or unconscious.

The one who is capable of being naked next to naked women, and that however beautiful they may be, do not feel sexually aroused.

9 – Your two biggest supports

10 Curiosos datos que seguramente no sabías sobre el pasado sexual de Gandhi

Abha, 18 years of age, and wife of the grandson of Gandhi joined the entourage of Gandhi in 1947. At the end of August accompanied him, and Manu, in bed.

10 – Weird outcome

Despite having been his loyal companion during his last years, members of his family curiously removed Manu from the scene. Gandhi wrote to his son: “I asked Him to write about the fact that she shares the same bed with me“, but for those in charge of protecting the image is hard to eliminate this part of the life of the great leader.

Despite the fact that it was said that it was damaging his reputation when he was alive, the sexual behavior of Gandhi was ignored for a long time after his death. We only now getting to know a small part of his more intimate life.

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