10 Things that Millennials know how to do better than those older than 28 years

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Before you start with this article, it is noteworthy that all of the generations, A To Z, are great. However, as much as a few of them, though, the millennials or Generation y, have an adaptability that is superior to the rest.

Those born in the decade of the 90s are the generation of anglicisms and of social media, yes, but apart from that, they are much more. They also lived in the cassette, VHS, and walkmans era, but to them was born the CD, mp3, mp4, mobile, mobile with a camera, the Blue Ray, the Photoblog, the Messenger, the Facebook, the Instagram etc.

10 Típicas cosas que los millennials saben hacer mejor que los mayores de 28 años
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The technology has evolved with them. They have been the target audience of all those innovations that came to light. Even so, if you don’t believe, here’s a list of 10 things that millennials know how to do much better than other generations.

10 Things millennials know how to do better than anyone else

1 – Invest their money

Their parents and grandparents invested in houses and lands to be paid for their whole lives. They invest in travel and experiences to enjoy while they are alive.

2 – Bring out creativity among the stones

No one can deny that even from a soda can crumpled in the middle of the street, they can take a photograph worthy of being exposed in the MoMa.

10 Típicas cosas que los millennials saben hacer mejor que los mayores de 28 años
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3 – Learn new things

They know of cinema, photography, Photoshop, social networking, art, cooking, sport, nutrition… And, if there is something that they don’t know, they can learn it with a device with an internet connection and a few minutes of searching.

4 – Dismantling the myths

They hate the false myths and love proving those who said that “young people today do not know what effort is” were wrong. They are the ones who had to emigrate to get a job in the midst of the crisis.

5 – Conquer the world

They are experts in pass seasons in different countries of the world. So, not only learn languages, but they know new cultures that enrich them as people.

10 Típicas cosas que los millennials saben hacer mejor que los mayores de 28 años
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6 – Having multicultural friends

As they love to travel, live in other countries and meet new cultures, they have friends all over the world.

7 – Be up to date

Curiosity runs through their veins, they are not escaping anything. They can talk about topics as diverse as the new budgets of the Government or the controversial photos that have been uploaded to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

8 – They live intensely

They do not like mediocrities, they live big. They happen to grow up in a difficult time and know that life is too short to let it escape.

10 Típicas cosas que los millennials saben hacer mejor que los mayores de 28 años
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9 – To be heads of the “now or never”

Probably, because of what we mentioned in point 8, they don’t over think things. They live in the present.

10 – Have an attractive feed

Nobody knows like them how important it is to have an attractive feed, that’s why they pay attention to the smallest of details.

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