6 Before and after pics that shows the transformation of a woman after she stopped drinking alcohol

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Each day there is a new diet miracle that promises you’ll be able to get the body of your dreams.

The best option is, without a doubt, eating in a healthy way and understanding that excesses are just a quirk, but removing sugar, carbohydrate or meat from your diet is never a healthy long-term solution.

“Quitting drinking was the best decision of my life”

If you are thinking to start perfecting your body, perhaps you will be inspired by Jelly Devote, who has revealed, after getting your dream body, the secret to being fit and healthy.

Alcohol Vs Water

Alcohol Vs Water🥂💦, Unhealthy Vs Healthy🍩🥗, Unhappy Vs. Happy☹️🤩, 20 Vs 27👱🏼♀👵🏼.

There are many changes in how I look, how I feel, and how I live my life. 👐🏻.
I have never felt better, I have balance. I like a donut 🍩 followed by a salad 🥗, I don’t drink alcohol 🍷 often I sigh for my water 💦 and most importantly I’ve gone from hate me to love me ❤ ❤ 🙋 ♀

People always ask how much I’ve lost, and honestly I don’t know what was my highest weight (does not correspond to the image) because I hated it so much that I weighed (probably around 75kg) and now I don’t weight more (thinner than I’ve been has been with 45kg, mind is not healthy) 🙆 ♀ 🤷🏼 ♀ 💁 ♀

The weight doesn’t matter, you matter. What you feel for yourself. Don’t focus on a number that can fluctuate on 5kg in two days 💆 ♀ 🙅 ♀

Now I am in a state of “balance” from the nights of crazy partying in Bali 👯 ♀ 🏝 and I feel very well again! and the life of the party is not for me! I would rather be in running shoes 👟 healthy life, and rather drink and protein shakes 🍌 🍇 🍓 then drinking champagne 🥂

Jelly had reached a point in her life where her body did not represent an image in the mirror that she was fond of, so she began to take care of her diet and stopped drastic drinking alcohol and now, she is happy with her weight, without even knowing what she weighed.

She also takes advantage of her social media account to prove that Fitness bodies are not what they seem and a single photo can show the most perfect body and the most normal in the world, it all depends on the angle from which you take the photograph.

What is your perfect body? Would you be able to stop consuming all kinds of alcohol to improve your health?

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