A TV series about the NXIVM sex cult where Allison Mack was master recruiter is reportedly in the works

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Wait… WHAT? That was quick, huh? Making a series based on the sex cult ran by Keith Raniere, called Nxivm, where the actress  Allison Mack was a master who recruited women to be sex slaves.


Annapurna Television bought the rights to produce a series based on an article in the New York Times by Barry Meier, 2017, which exposed the truth about the cult, “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women are Branded”.

The name of the series is not yet known, but Annapurna wants to adapt the research into a series of one-hour chapters, inspired by real facts.

According to HollywoodReporter, the series would follow the events of the women who joined what they believed was a secret sisterhood created to empower them, only to find themselves horribly captived as sex slaves by their leader, and their initials are branded into their skin.

Actress Shannon Woodward (Westworld) is in the project as executive producer.

The news comes a few days after Smallville actress, Allison Mack was arrested for her connection with the cult NXIVM, with the charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy, and forced labor. The leader of the cult, Raniere was arrested on the same charges and is also accused of creating a secret society of Nxivm-called “TWO”. Whose initials are for the Latin phrase, “Lord/master of the Obedient Female Companions” (Lord/Master of the obedient companions) or “The Vow” (The vote), officials said.

Allison Mack was released from federal custody this Tuesday, under a bond of $ 5 million, and will be under house arrest at her parents’ home, reported Radar. They say that the Smallville actress showed no emotion during her court appearance. “She was not crying and did not seem to have any kind of emotion when she entered the court,” said a witness. Woow! Here is the photo of when she was released.

Harán serie del culto sexual Nxivm donde Allison Mack era master

WTF? And where are all those movements? I don’t see anyone making a fuss about this. In addition, bail of 5 million dollars? Where did she get so much money? They just aired the story and there is already a project to make a series… Geez! I don’t understand Hollywood! What do you think Fans?

Check out the video below for more info about this story:

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