Ben Affleck really has that phoenix tattoo on his back!! WTF?

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Remember the ridiculous, giant tattoo of a phoenix on Ben Affleck’s back? That was said to be fake and that it was only for a movie? It turns out that it is REAL! What do you have on your back… OMG!! Bahahahahahaha…

Well, there were a few pictures of Ben and his co-stars in the movie “Triple Frontier”, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund on the beach in Hawaii and there you can see the horrible, colorful, damage to the retina – that… tattoo.

The question everyone is asking is… why? Why he lied and said it was fake? Uuugh! And that is after we all laughed at his horrible tattoo, up to his ex Jennifer Garner,  denied that he was standing, and said that the mythological creature was only for a movie. Boo! Is that how he speaks in the film of his life… a sad movie… A man of 45 years divorced who left his wife for the nanny and has a horrible tattoo of a phoenix on his back…?

Ben Affleck realmente tiene ese tatuaje ave fénix en su espalda!! WTF?

Liar, Liar pants on fire!! HA! They say that this is a midlife crisis, what do you think?



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