Beyonce showed off her twins at concert during On The Run Tour?

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Fans were happy because their Queen Beyonce had shown photos of her twins Rumi and Sir Carter during a concert of her On The Run Tour… but Guess What? Those pics are not the twins of Bey and Jay Z. LOL! No way!

During the concert of Bey and Jay Z, in Cardiff, Wales, UK, the singers projected on a giant screen, three minutes of a video where both Bey and Jay Z, held in their arms the twins, 1 year. In the video, they are “Gangster ” and ” The Queen”. “The Love Story”. When they appear with the twins (minute 2:58) you see the message: “love never changes”, “Love is Universal”. You can see the video below.

Obviously, seeing this, the audience thought that those were the twins of the couple, and expressed all their enthusiasm at the concert, and on social media, there were messages like: “aren’t they big!”, “How beautiful!”, “The twins omg!”. You have to take into account that Bey has only shown one official photo of their twins.

But it turns out that Buzzfeed reported that these children were not twins of Bey and Jay Z, the rep confirmed. The funny thing is that Beyonce used a few twin “actors” or “fake” (well I say fake because they are not her babies)… Why?

Some people say that it is for security, Really? And Blue Ivy? Others say that it is because of the taunting of their older daughter… Blue Ivy. Awww… poor thing is the face of the father.

A source told People that the babies in the video are not the twins Rumi and Sir Carter, but appear in the collage. So, all of that is to confuse? Because Hello? What have you achieved? Oh, and they say that Bey and Jay Z renewed their wedding vows because in the video it seems like a ceremony.

Supposedly, the twins of Bey make an appearance in a second video of the concert, and MSN says that it is not clear which are the real and which the fake. LOL!

So, what do you think? Very… WTF? All this really gets me laughing, why put twins that are not yours in a video… Will be… To level with the fake belly that you displayed on television? HA! MYSTERY!

Beyonce mostró a sus gemelos en su concierto On The Run Tour?

Check out the video below:

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