Blac Chyna fight at Six Flags! WTF? VIDEOS!

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Blac Chyna got into a fight at a Six Flags amusement park where she was seen grabbing her children’s toy car and attempting to hit someone with it. WTF? There are VIDEOS!!

The always “delicate and elegant” Chyna was at Six Flags Mountain in Los Angeles this Sunday, and in several videos posted on the networks is seen as fiercely grabbing the toy car (where was baby Dream), to hit someone. There’s another video where you see two women fighting, one of them is a friend of Blac, as she said.

According to a report by TMZ, the ex of Rob Kardashian was furious because someone got too close and tried to touch her baby Dream. After the videos emerged, she told the website about the altercation, saying that she was not a violent person but that she was protecting her daughter. HA! This is the proof that Rob needs…!

You know what they say… the ghetto is in your heart… Bahahahahaha…

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