Blac Chyna furious the Kardashians accuse her of canceling her reality show LOL!

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Yeap, this war continues to… Blac Chyna is furious because the Klan Kardashian accuses her of being responsible for the cancellation of his own reality show, the “model” says that they are sending a terrible message to women saying that getting a restraining order is a bad thing… Oh gosh!

TMZ is reporting that the Chaina is furious at the response of the Klan Kardashian to your demand, where the accuse to it to cancel his own reality because he got a restraining order against Rob. Chyna alleges that the Kardashians sabotaged your reality by revenge. HA! Revenge? Look who speaks…

The Kardashians in its response to the demand of Chyna, they say that obviously, the reality show was canceled after Blac obtained the restraining order against Rob, so it was impossible for him to interact with your baby mama, (and Hello? The Reality show called “Rob & Chyna”).

The sources of Blac told the website that Chyna is fearing for his safety and the safety of your little girl Dream, and says that women should not lose their jobs for trying to protect his family from the violence. Blac Chyna says that Rob was being physically abused by her. Rob denies it.

And that is that there is a small little detail… a Little one. Blac Chyna withdrew the restraining order against Rob after he agreed to pay $20 thousand dollars a month in child support. A source of the family Kardashian points out – if she really felt threatened, would never have removed the order… Mmmm…. Interrrrresting! Do not believe Farandulistas? No one ever noticed his intentions… evah!


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