Brad Pitt did plastic surgery?? New Face! OMG!

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They say that Brad is finishing 2017 with a new face, a recent report suggests that Brad Pitt has made a plastic surgery… what?

According to the report, the actor 54-year-old looks “very young and handsome again,” and take a few photos to compare, one of the premier of “The Lost City of Z” in April of this year where it looks close to the face of Brad very creased and with a beard, and the other taken from a distance, during the event, LACMA Art + Film in November, here are clean-shaven, combed and HOT! Life & Style says that in November, Brad looks as if he had done something in the face to look younger.


The magazine says that earlier, Brad looked “haggard and drawn” while that now looks “youthful and good looking”, and suggests that he had some help to go back in time. A supposed source said:

“He was a surgeon of Beverly Hills this year and was injected fillers and Botox and was made something in the eyes.”

Of course, the magazine then talks with a surgeon – who has never treated Brad – who believes everything that “supposedly” did in the face. “Your face looks more even and soft, as if it had been injected with Botox, the doctor also speculated that Brad “was injected fillers in the face, in the cheeks, around the lips, and under their eyes.” And adds that it made a “treatment laser or peeling to improve the texture of your skin.” Or whatever, it was something like an “Extreme Makeover” LOL! And don’t forget that all this is said based on a few pics.

Whatever! It is not denied that Brad looks so much better in this recent event that before… some of them feel good in the divorce. HA! Do you think Trendy Famers?

Brad Pitt se hizo cirugía plástica?? New Face! OMG!

Brad Pitt se hizo cirugía plástica?? New Face! OMG!

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