Brad Pitt’s romance with Neri Oxman! (Us)

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The new issue of Us Weekly talks about the romance of Brad Pitt with Neri Oxman, the beautiful MIT Professor. Promise to give details!!

The cover says: “Brad and his new girlfriend! Secret Love trips! Sexy nights in her Boston apartment, PLUS! The reaction of Angelina to this woman who looks like her. What? Lol! The magazine posits that the actor has embarked on a HOT romance with the rock star professor at MIT, Neri Oxman, in fact, an insider said that Brad is in love with her.

El romance de Brad Pitt y Neri Oxman! (Us)

“Brad is absolutely in love with. Their chemistry is out of this world.”

Supposedly, from November, the actor, 54-years-old, has been spending a lot of time at the apartment of the professor in, Massachusetts, and he understands her commitment to her profession.

“Brad has been seen entering her apartment building on several occasions late in the evening and leaving the next morning after she leaves for work” – explains the insider, adding that Brad has the key to the apartment. OK!

The report states that within the apartment, of Neri, 42 years, they can relax away from prying eyes.

“Neri is not cooking,” says the source. “They have been ordering food from their favorite restaurants, and Brad has been cooking quite a bit.”

“Brad and Neri have traveled together internationally,” says the Pitt insider.

Recently they went to the Design Indaba conference in South Africa in February, where the Israeli participated.

And although a second source says that “the relationship between Brad and Neri is purely professional,” the informant says that they “are a couple.”

“Brad had planned to stay two days at MIT last fall, and ended up staying a week.

Neri invited Brad to have dinner at his apartment in Cambridge, which is very close to the campus. They were involved romantically right away.”

Woow! That was straight to the point, huh? Straight to the point (if you know what I mean, LOL!) The attraction was so instant, that Oxman ended up with her boyfriend.

“Neri had been going out with a well-to-do man, and left him almost immediately,” – says the source.

HA! Well, it is Brad Pitt!

Now, after a year and a half separated from Angelina, Brad Pitt has found some happiness, the report says. “Brad looks radiant with it.”

If it is true, happy for him!

El romance de Brad Pitt y Neri Oxman! (Us)

Watch the video below for more on this story:

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