Celine Dion’s video with Deadpool that is sweeping the Internet

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We have listened to Celine Dion sing her heart out alongside some of the most talented musicians in the world. It brings to mind people such as Andrea Bocelli, Peabo Bryson, Josh Groban and Ne-Yo. But, what happens when Celine Dion shares the stage with a superhero? That is exactly what happened in the video clip for her new song “Ashes”.

Instead of acting with another musician wildly talented as usual, Celine sang while Deadpool (a comic book character played by Ryan Reynolds)  danced next to her. This absurd combination went viral quickly on the Internet and now it is one of the most awesome videos of the year.

Celine Dion lanza un vídeo con Deadpool para partirse de risa que está arrasando en Internet

Celine is a world-class singer, whose voice is angelic. Despite the fact that she has lived a wonderful life, the Franco-Canadian mother of three children has also faced much sadness. Despite her setbacks, Celine is still dedicated in body and soul to her children, balancing a residency in Las Vegas with sanity and creating new music for projects such as “Deadpool 2”.

Celine manages to keep the sense of humor and appreciate the small things, even with the absence of free time and sleep. Its realistic nature is what led her to perform next to a comic book character. I could not have done a better job!

Celine Dion lanza un vídeo con Deadpool para partirse de risa que está arrasando en Internet

While the music of “Ashes” played over the speakers, Celine fills the theatre with her impressive voice. Then, just when Celine really gets at the heart of the song, Deadpool appears. Not only is he wearing his classic red team dark to fight crime, but also is dancing with the grace of a professional dancer!

It is so ridiculous to see a character like this prancing on the stage with one of the music’s greatest legends! Take a look with your own eyes at the video below and enjoy.

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