Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Divorce turns ugly (InTouch)

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The divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan turns ugly, according to the latest issue of InTouch. Fights and shouting matches, lies, and infidelities. New allegations about the infidelities of Tatum and that “she is going after everything he has!”.

As you know, Channing Potato and Jenna Dewan announced they were separated, now InTouch claims to know “the real reason for the separation” and promises details of how the couple got into a bitter divorce battle. The magazine says that Channing and Jenna were not honest about the reasons for their separation, which they say is friendly.

The publication says that the real story is more complicated. An insider said:

“Their public communications are only smoke. Divorce is becoming more and more ugly.”

By the way, the couple is not yet seeking a divorce. But Intouch maintains that the divorce will be dirty because there’s a bit of jealousy, anger, and regrets. Of course, they can not miss the war for the money. The report then speaks of the rumors that have been told for years about Channing’s infidelity.

“If Jenna finds out that Channing was unfaithful, she will make his life miserable. She will hit him where it hurts most, his bank account.”

They say that Channing regrets not having signed a prenup.

There’s a rumor that Channing was unfaithful to Jenna with Amber Heard (yep, the ex of Johnny Depp) when they filmed Magic Mike XXL, but the rep of Potato, obviously, denied it.

Anyways, there have been rumors of cheating for years, it is not surprising that they are ending their marriage, or is it? By the way, there is a Blind Gossip that says they are divorcing, not only by his infidelity but that he also gave an STD to his wife. Ewww…


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