Christina Aguilera collaborates with Kanye West in a song! LOL!

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Christina Aguilera is collaborating with Kanye West on a song. OMG! Right now? LOL!

Aguilera has revealed that she will launch a new album, and sources tell Pagesix that the first song for Christina’s album is produced by Kanye West.

The song produced by Kanye, and others will be launched this week.

“It is very tribal with heavy drum samples.”

Christina Aguilera’s new album will be out at the beginning of this summer, and her tour will be announced at the same time.

“The first song from the album will be a great duet, but the team (of Christina) are not ready to announce another song – still.”

The source adds:

“Christina has changed her look, her management has given her new great artists and consultants to work with, she is in a good place.”

HA! ARE YOU SURE? Good Timing! Christina collaborates with Kanye and releases a song just in the week that Yeezus has Meltdown 2.0 and exceeds the “Britney 2007”? FLOPtina! What do you think? By the way, check out this photo of Christina Aguilera. WTF? That does not look like the beautiful Christina from Paper magazine. What happened to your mouth? Your face? Oh, Mah Gawd!  LOL!

Christina Aguilera colabora con Kanye West en una canción! LOL!


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