Christina Aguilera: The Voice is no longer about music. HA! Accelerate!

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Christina Aguilera has said that The Voice is no longer about the music, apparently, she has no plans to return as a coach on the popular program. This comes on the heel of the launch of her new album “Free Yourself”. if you haven’t already seen her video “Accelerate”? Check it out!

The singer will release her new album on the 15th of June. She revealed in a new interview that the NBC talent show, The Voice was like a churning hamster wheel.

Aguilera, 37 years old, was a coach on the show for six seasons, from 2011 to 2016, and admitted to Billboard magazine that she hoped to be free after the show. Here she is on the cover of Billboard, it seems that a bee stung her on the lips. Ah… right!

Christina Aguilera: The Voice ya no es sobre música. HA! Accelerate!

“I would just take everything off – the makeup, everything – and listen to hip-hop or Nirvana, “Creep”, ‘Slayer’. Anything that would pull me out of that zone, that TV mode.”

“It became something that I felt was not what I had signed up for in season one. You realize that it is not about music. It is about making good TV moments and massageing a story.”

I didn’t go in to this business to be a hostess of a tv show and they gave me all these rules… especially as a woman: you can’t wear this, can’t say that. I found myself in that show desperately trying to express myself through the clothes, the makeup or the hair. It was my only kind of outlet.”

A source close to the NBC show, responded to the comments of Christina, revealing that there is no resentment.

“Christina was aN invaluable member of The Voice for many of the seasons and all that she did for the show is appreciated. She will always be part of the family of “The Voice.”

However, Aguilera said that she stayed on the show so long because she is the mother. She has a 10-year-old son, Max with ex-husband Jordan Bratman, and a daughter, Summer Rain, 3, with her fiancé Matthew Rutler.

“Touring is so scary for me, because I’m a mother first. It is part of why I stayed on (The Voice). It is easy to be comfortable in the same place and not have to worry about being away from your children. I’m looking forward to getting out and showing my children what mommy really does!”

HA! Well, I hope you do well with your new album and not have to go back to the tv shows. It is reported that she would collaborate with Kuku West in a song, but as I read on a fan site, Yeezus’ name does not appear on any track. I don’t know!

BTW, Saw her new video, “Accelerate” – W-T-F? Is she going through a “Miley tongue crazy” phase showing her new mouth? Bahahahahaha… Ok, ok, it’s just a joke. Sure her fans are happy, their diva is back! Good luck with that!


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