David Beckham has impregnated his daughter’s teacher? (Star)

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The new cover of Star poses the question: David Beckham has impregnated his daughter,s teacher? The devastating marital crisis while the father of the other woman tells all! HA! Is it my imagination, or this actually happened? Dejavu..!

Ok, the gossip, at the beginning of June, came as a viral rumor that claimed that David had gotten the teacher of his daughter Harper pregnant. This was disproved, as all the rumors that arose after saying that the couple was getting a divorce. Even the father of the teacher spoke with the press and said that she never met with David. But despite this, the Star published this story on its front page.

According to the tabloid, Beckham will have a baby with her daughter’s teacher, his marriage with Victoria is torn to pieces. The report says that Posh has been destroyed by the rumors, and the friends are worried that divorce.

A source said to the magazine:

“David has denied this so many times, he is fed up of talk about that. But Posh does not give up.”

And according to the publication, Victoria believes in David, but maybe the damage is done… or is it?!

“Victoria believes David when he says that nothing happened with the teacher, but the damage is perhaps done.”

“Their fight was so big that there is no going back. A couple of days after that news came, we called David to ask if his marriage was over, and he did not respond.”

So, according to the source, Victoria is waiting for David to tell her what they are going to do.

“Victoria is hoping that David will return to London and decide once and for all if it is worth continuing with their marriage.”

HA! There are already several reports of the marriage breakup for David and Victoria Beckham, something which they have denied. David is in London, for an event with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace for Youth Leaders on Tuesday. Victoria published a photo on her Instagram on Wednesday, saying she was shopping for her anniversary dinner and had found the perfect dress. In addition, she recently said that she tries to be the best wife, ok? All by Vogue, Vogue, vogue… LOL!

So, the cover just took advantage of a gossip at the beginning of the month. HA!

David Beckham embarazó a la maestra de su hija? (Star)

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