Demi Lovato has fired her manager after relapse into drugs and alcohol

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Radar reports that Demi Lovato has fired her manager weeks after she confessed that she relapsed into drugs and alcohol.

The problem singer said goodbye to Phil McIntyre “In the middle of her tour,” said a source to Radar.

“(Demi)  wanted to go in another direction, and decided to completely cut her relationship with him.”

The source insists that Demi is trying to get back to being sober.

“She is focused on surrounding herself with positivity and responsibility”, – explained the source.

Last month, Lovato broke relations with her rehabilitation business, CAST Recovery, after years of partnership and friendship with the founder of the center, Mike Bayer.

“They are in a fight for the money and the popularity of the brand” – said a source to Radar, adding that in the contract of Demi Lovato, she is required to stay sober to be able to be the face of the company.

Logically! Demi confessed in her song “Sober” that she had relapsed in her battle with drugs and alcohol. I came to think that this was just publicity for her song but seeing that she broke relations with the rehab center… WTF? Well…  you need to seek help Demi because a “relapse” in the middle of a tour is not good… or is it? I think that she always needs drama in her life because if things are quiet as she gets bored. Geeez girl!

Demi Lovato despide a su manager luego de recaer en drogas y alcohol

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