Did Katie Holmes dump Jamie Foxx for Joshua Jackson?!? (Star)

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According to the new cover of Star, Katie Holmes has dumped Jamie Foxx for Joshua Jackson. The couple met up and things took off LOL! Obviously, Jamie reacted explosively… Boom!!!


 Star says that the stars of Dawson”s Creek have struck up a romance, or whatever, and Katie has left Jamie Foxx for Joshua Jackson, according to the report they were flirty when they met up at the recent Dawson’s Creek 20 years cast reunion. A source said:

“They connected, and a lot of people support them and believe that it is the right time.”

And on the relationship of Katie with Jamie say that the actress ended up “disappointed” because Foxx was “not the man she thought he was” so she had had enough. So, that was what threw her into the arms of Jackson. And now Katie and Joshua say they are “very very happy together.”

The magazine says that Katie and Joshua were always in contact and that he was the first to find out that she was going to have a baby with her then-husband, Tom Cruise. Since then, the actress always tells Joshua about her daughter, and now it’s as if Jamie didn’t exist, says the publication. HA! The only thing certain here is that Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson came out at the beginning of Dawson”s Creek and the cast met recently for the cover of Entertainment Weekly at the 20th anniversary of the series. A rep for Joshua Jackson found this report “hilarious”, while Holmes’ rep insisted that none of this is true and that the report is an invention. Boo!

Katie Holmes bota a Jamie Foxx por Joshua Jackson! (Star)


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