Emma Stone and Justin Theroux dating?

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Emma Stone and Justin Theroux were spotted together at a Met Gala after-party, What? And it is the second time they have been seen together;  before they had been seen dining on sushi. Wow!


 The Lala Land actress and the ex of Jennifer Aniston were photographed leaving the Met Gala after-party, however, they were not photographed together at the event or at the party.


It is believed that Emma Stone and Justin Theroux met when they worked together last year on the Netflix show ‘Maniac’, and have been friends since then. But now since that have been seen together on two occasions, well… you know. Rumors! Just friends or something more? Of course, don’t say that Shailene Woodley was with them in the car, HA! Justin said after that Emma is just his BFF! what do you think?


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