Eva Longoria talks about her pregnancy

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Eva Longoria has spoken about her pregnancy at 43 years-old, as you know, the actress is now expecting her first baby. In an exclusive interview with InTouch, the actress who is expecting a child with her husband José Antonio Cane, spoke about being a mother for the first time.

After years of speculation about the actress being pregnant, Eva says that when she finally knew what it was real, never bothered to hide it.

“For years (the media) were saying it. I ate a hamburger and: ‘Eva is pregnant!’ – said the actress jokingly. “And then they say, ‘Eva is fat!’ It was so funny, the only time that they did not say that she was pregnant, I am!”

HA! And not to mention when Eva flashed a lot because she ate cheese. LOL!

Longoria explained that she was never worried that there were no children in her future.

“Women are having children increasingly later, and I didn’t have that pressure of the “biological clock ringing”. Also I was without anyone for a while. I think that babies are the product of love and fellowship,” said Eva, adding that when she met Joseph, she knew it was time.

Now its seven months, she says she is starting to sort out everything.

“Right now I’m homeless because I’m selling my old house! I don’t have a baby room, I have not bought anything. (Soon) I’ll Be in my new house and I can start to focus (on that)! But I’m very happy!” she said.

Awww… Eva looks radiant and very happy with her pregnancy.

Eva Longoria habla de su embarazo a los 43 – Very Happy!!

Eva Longoria habla de su embarazo a los 43 – Very Happy!!

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