Everyone is talking about the pregnant Khloe Kardashian. Is it just theatrics?

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Since it was “revealed” that Tristan Thompson was unfaithful to poor, pregnant Khloe Kardashian, the whole world is talking about it, and that is so unfortunate. Poor Khloe, Tristan… you bastard!

Every 10 minutes more or less, there are reports or posts about Khloe’s reaction. it seems he cheated with a few women some of whom he was spotted with. Khloe can’t get out of Cleveland because her pregnancy is very advanced, so sad!  It is reported that she has started having contractions, and of course, the family flew in to support to support her.

Sip, there had been several rumors about Khloe’s pregnancy… and came out at the same time that it knew that I was preggo… among the rumors is that she was not pregnant, people ask how it is that she did not put on weight (being a fat…), that there were no videos, only edited photos, her strange belly, her belly button changing and all that.

It is more or less a mess as all that is said of the pregnancy of Kylie… and that is when the news emerged of her pregnancy with the Million Dollar Baby, it had also been said that was false. But what better way to deal with a pregnancy than with DRAMA!!! DRAMA!! D-R-A-M-A!

Then I’m going to mention (just mention) some of the headlines about “Khloe Kardashian is  pregnant” and suffering from the deception of Tristan ( poor thing, who would have ever imagined, not in a thousand years) within days of giving birth to her baby girl, in Cleveland, where she is trapped because he can’t take a plane and go to Los Angeles (to not be able to go to another place on earth, Hello! What are you talking about? That only applies to mere mortals).


  • Khloe Kardashian has contractions, Her mom and sisters are flying to Cleveland (Tmz)
  • Khloe Kardashian probably will not leave Tristan Thompson, says a source, “She is a hopeless romantic ” (People) – This is super WTF?
  • Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian fly to the side of Khloe for the birth in the midst of the infidelity scandal of Tristan. (People)
  • The pregnant Khloe went crazy when she learned of Tristan’s infidelities (Pagesix)
  • Khloe Kardashian “she believed Tristan initially” that nothing had happened with the alleged lover (Us weekly)
  • Khloe’s family run to her side in the midst of the infidelity scandal of Tristan, they plan to return to L. A after a planned c-section for Friday (x17)
  • A Doctor is of the opinion that the pregnant Khloe Kardashian could be affected by the stress of the infidelity scandal of Tristan Thompson, (Us weekly)

And so many of the reports stating that Tristan had deceived Khloe and that she is on the verge of giving birth, poor thing, “I knew nothing”, the stress and such. Peeero… Guess what? There are those who do not believe the story of the poor little Khlozilla being pregnant and deceived, there are those who believe that her pregnancy is fake (you’re not pregnant, you use a womb for rent), others say that she only used him as a donor, they say they knew all the time that Tristan was not faithful to her, that they only waited for this exact moment to “publish” the news (with videos, of course) and thus create sympath y forthe poor pregnant Khloe (because notice how they always highlight the pregnant Khloe).

There is a Blind Gossip about a story being all theatrics  (Baby Theater), they reveal that all this show is for attention. Here goes:

Know that all of this is theater, right?

The drama of the family in crisis, the time of the publishing of the videos, the labor ahead, the impact of discovering that the man was not faithful, the putting of men as villains and women as saints, and the family running to protect and rescue her… everything is a theater. They are just aiming to get the maximum dramatic effect.

“She already knew that he was cheating, she never had any intention of living anywhere else except in Los Angeles, the pregnancy is a sham, and these latest headlines are being launched to provide the greatest dramatic impact.”

Everything is being filmed. Everything is for ratings. All to ensure that they stay on the air for another season. As what we said before, this is the key to everything.

And by the way, the baby is already here.

SURPRISE!!!! Bahahahahahaha… See? It would not be the first time that they lie about something, remember all the drama of “I want to be a mother I can not have children?” To then say, oh, that was a lie. My butt grew with squats, I lost weight with diet and exercise. Or Kylie, denying that she was pregnant and that her big lips were injected. HA! To lie at all. The Kardashian circus!

What do you think Fans? Have you read some other conspiracy theories? Tellus in the comments!

To all those who wanted to read this. XoXo

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