Everything about the wedding I dreamed of Meghan Markle! OK!

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The new OK! magazine has all the details of the wedding I dreamed of Meghan Markle… sure! And until you can win a trip to see the wedding!!! OMG!!

As you know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced his engagement to the 27 of November, and the wedding will be for the may 19, 2018. Well, the publication he claims to know “all the details” of the royal wedding that is in process.

Of course… There are details that are just a bunch of speculations and inventions, others are actual details that the bride and groom “exchanged vows of the ‘Book of Common Prayer’” but omitted the word “obey” (obey), that didn’t come from an internal source, that was the who did Kate and Prince William when they married.

They also say that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have important roles in the wedding, as well as they had at the wedding of Pippa Middleton, at the beginning of this year. All the others are only assumptions, or things that someone “believes” that will pass.

Among the guests at the royal wedding, the magazine claims it will be a guest list small by Prince Harry, the smaller that of his brother William because the Chapel of the Windsor Castle is smaller than that of Westminster Abbey. They assume that the friend of Meghan, Serena Williams will be invited to the wedding and also Priyanka Chopra. Oh, they also say that David Beckham will attend along with 800 guests.

BTW, Prince Harry said on Wednesday that the guest list is not yet finished, people began to speculate if Harry would invite the former President Barack Obama.

On the wedding dress of Meghan Markle, as they claim Inbal Dror is the favorite to design the dress of the royal bride, this detail is not original given that it was widely reported that the firm had submitted a sketch of the dress for the bride to consideration. The food of the wedding will be by the chef real Mark Flanagan, the same as that of the wedding of Kate and William.

So, all these exclusive details which have nothing special because everyone already knew by various reports, so that there is this real source that releases the “details” to a tabloid. Shocking? Nah!


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