Funny video of flower girl dancing at a wedding

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Being a flower girl is a big responsibility! You are supposed to carry a large heavy basket filled with flowers and extend them along the ground so that the bride can walk down the aisle feeling like a princess.

The pressure to do the job well can cause a certain repressed energy, just what happened to this sweet girl! At the time that was able to get loose on the dance floor, made her presence memorable…

La niña de las flores, el vídeo de la pequeña que se ha hecho viral con su divertido baile en una boda

The first song that started to sound through the speakers was “Baby” by Justin Beiber. Despite the fact that she was certainly in the mood for dancing alone, an adult tried to get in her way and dance with her. She definitely wanted none of it and backed away to dance alone!

The guests departed, laughing as she tried to open passage between the dance floor to avoid bumping into someone.

Feeling the change in the general mood and the desire of the flower girl to dance the night away, the DJ put on another song that surely would make anyone smile! “Baby” faded out quickly and the upbeat pop song “Gangnam Style” by PSY started to ring, it was clear what the flower girl wanted to hear!

As soon as “Gangnam Style” began to sound through the speakers, she was encouraged and began to do the iconic dance like a professional. She moved with such force that her pink ribbon fill.

La niña de las flores, el vídeo de la pequeña que se ha hecho viral con su divertido baile en una boda

It was her hour of dancing and she was not going to let anything stand in her way! Thank God the guests all had their phones on hand and were able to capture that fun moment for always.

The guests cheered as she strutted across the dance floor. She made all sorts of movements, this sweet girl wanted to show all her great moves!

From what we can see, her parents are going to have a hard time to get her away from the dance floor when she’s a teenager. There is where she feels more comfortable and does not care who is watching.

Check out the video. What did you like? Post your impressions!

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