Heather Locklear hospitalized for overdose

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Heather Locklear was hospitalized again this Monday morning after police received a call reporting an overdose… and this happened hours after bail was paid to get her out of jail. OMG! What the heck?

According to the report, an ambulance carried the actress, 56 years, to the hospital this past Monday afternoon, after police and paramedics quickly arrived at the home of the star of “Melrose Place” in Thousand Oaks, CA. The paramedics were called by the sheriff’s department.

Less than 24 hours before the emergency services responded to a call to the house of Heather. The actress was arrested for hitting a police officer Sunday night. She paid $20 thousand dollars bail on Monday morning and went home.

Sources told TMZ that Heather was planning to enter rehab voluntarily to receive treatment. It seems that it was not so, but it was said that she is now stable, receiving the help and treatment she needs.

This whole situation comes after Locklear was involuntarily admitted for a psychiatric evaluation last week. Members of her family made a 911 call, identical to report that the actress was attacking her parents.

OMG! I hope that she really will be able to recover, it seems that she is out of control. This is madness. SAD!


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