Hilary Duff complains about her neighbor on social media

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Hilary Duff complained about her neighbor in New York city on social media. What? Sip, the actress said on the networks that her neighbor spends all night smoking marijuana and the smoke would get in her house and that’s why she stank.

The Lizzie McGuire actress who recently starred in a film as Sharon Tate – took to his Instagram to complain about her neighbor in the exclusive building in Soho, where she lives now– she said that he is called Dieter Addison.

In a number of videos and photos that she posted with emojis of eggplants, Duff laments with her followers about her stupid neighbor (called *ssh*le) spends all his time smoking cigarettes and marijuana all night” and that’s why the apartment and she also stinks. Ewwww…

The actress also attacks her neighbor Addison saying:

“We know that your parents pay the rent. We know that you’ve never worked in your life – must be nice. Have a little respect with your neighbors who work hard to live in this building.”

Duff, who has a 6-year-old son, Luka, with her ex-husband Mike Comrie – also advised her neighbor to try “vaping” or “vape” (breathing in steam… – Google it!) and added:

“And another thing … stop breaking all your furniture when fighting with your girlfriend or boyfriend… This scares my son and myself. The therapy is cheaper.”

“I know youre still sleeping. I hope your hangover hurts.”

Well, it turns out that this type of Dieter Addison spoke with Pagesix and said that he is looking for lawyers because he does not smoke marijuana – and he actually lives all the time with someone sober.

But he admits that yes, he smokes a lot and has received complaints from Hilary about the smoke of the cigarettes. He ensures that he has been sober for months, and they moved into that building because it allowed smoking. HA! As if the smell could be disguised or confuse… come on!

This guy is the grandson of the millionaire, H. Dieter Holtersbosch, who created an empire of vineyards, importing beer Lowenbrau to New York and starting the distribution of other beers.

But that’s not all, this neighbor now says that the boyfriend of Hilary Duff hit it him for smoking.

“I had to call the police this morning because the boyfriend of Hilary, Matthew Koma, broke and tried to hit me in the face. I tried to avoid his blow, but he hit me in the head. So I push him out of the apartment”

Dieter also said that due to the complaint of Hilary he now receives many emails of threats and hate, that he is going to have to hire a bodyguard. REALLY?? Quitting smoking would be cheaper… LOL!

The representative of Koma denied this, and Hilary told E! News:

“Hilary and her small son have been subjected passively to excessive smoke, noises at night, trash in the hallways, and a dangerous environment of life in general by this man for months. She tried many times to handle the situation in a way-educated, including many, many meetings with the owners of the building. As every mother knows, protecting your child comes first and that is your main goal. She came to a point that she could not take anymore after a working day of 15 hours, and another night of insomnia.”

WTF? See? The celebs are like any mortal, also have neighbors mobs! And this happens in an exclusive building of Soho… OMG! Imagine in a poor neighborhood… bahahahahahaha having bad neighbors is the worst! NIGHTMARE!!! At least Hilary can (and has ~ $$$$$ to) to move, HA! What do you think? Have you been in a similar situation… in a unique neighborhood? LOL!

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